Vw touran turbo whistle

In some regions, such as Japan, the car is called Golf Touran. The name 'Touran' derives from the combination of 'Tour' and ' Sharan '. Despite the similarity of their names, the Touran is not related to the North American market Volkswagen Routan. The Touran introduced electro-mechanical steering, a first in its class and for Volkswagen. It is able to vary the weight of the steering depending on the road speed. Due to the lack of energy consumption in idle it also improves the overall efficiency of the vehicle.

The Touran was the first vehicle to use Volkswagen's 2.

vw touran turbo whistle

The engines available at the launch included a 1. The engines are EURO 4 compliant, except the 1. The Touran launched with a six speed manual gearbox as standard, and a DSG for the 1. The initial test of the Touran inresulted in a four star rating for adult protection. The model year Touran was the first production vehicle in the Volkswagen Group to be released with the new Park Assist technology. Park Assist helps the driver parallel park the vehicle. The driver then stops ahead of the parking spot, releases the steering wheel, but continues working the gears, accelerator and brake pedal as advised by the display panels, as the Park Assist controls the steering to park the vehicle.

This included as new features compared to the previous facelift the option for DCC Volkswagen's adaptive suspension systemLight-Assist for Xenon Headlights, an improved Park-Assist System that can also handle perpendicular park positions and updated infotainment systems. The aerodynamics of the car were also improved, the Cw improved from 0,31 to 0,32 to 0, The electronic systems of this domestically produced car were upgraded as its relative in Europe.

New engines were available following the downsizing trend, a 1. The 1. The Touran is available with petroldiesel and compressed natural gas CNG engines.

The diesel models of the Touran offer better fuel economy. The car is delivered with a five- 1. As for the model, an updated version of the 2. The engine was introduced in the Volkswagen Passat in the models from The second generation Touran was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. Visually the car resembles Golf Sportsvan with an elongated rear trunk.

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This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. So you car is overboosting? More than likely the vanes inside the turbo have jammed, this is due to carbon build up and its fairly common.

First thing is make sure they are sticking before removing turbo. Checking if the vanes are sticking. Get underneath the car with the engine running, remove any undertrays to gain access to turbo and locate the turbos actuator.

Now you've found the actuator, remove the vacuum hose while watching the reaction of the actuator rod, it should move freely and about 1 inch, maybe just short, you get the idea.

If it moves the full travel but appears to have spots of delay rod should move quickish and smooth this is a sign your vanes are sticking, in a lot of cases the rod moves very little or not at all, this also means the vanes are sticking.

So you've discovered the vanes are sticking, great find! What now? Remove the turbo and clean the carbon build up from inside the turbo causing the 'sticky vanes'.

Heres a how to guide with step by step instructions. First off, lets take the downpipe with catalytic converter. You will need to remove a plate held up by 4x 13mm nuts, once removed undo the 2x 13mm bolts on the exhaust clamp and slide the clamp along. Then remove the 2x 13mm bolts that hold the exhaust up these are at the back of the subframe.

Now this is done there is a flat bar from the cat to the gearbox, remove 2x 16mm bolts and put to one side. Lastly get the 5mm allen with long extension and undo the clamp holding the exhaust to the turbo, there is a gasket so make sure you don't lose this, the clamp usually doesn't 'fall off' it has to be persuaded because its a tight fit, once loose the exhaust can come away.

Exhaust removed you now have access through the exhaust tunnel which the turbo will be coming through. Then get your 17mm spanner and undo the oil feed pipe, if it feels tight do not keep trying you will twist and snap the oil feed pipe.

The reason is theres like a connecting piece that screws into the turbo that the oil feed pipe screws on to, you will need to modify a crappy 17mm spanner to fit inbetween hot and cold side housings to stop this turning.We use cookies to make the site easier to use.

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It was cheep so brought anyway. I have had it checked out a few times and noone can visibly see anything wrong with it.

So I last week I drove at about 70mph and the Touran did not like it, I put foot to the floor but it did not respond, I limped on at 50mph. Later that day the power can back but the 'Emisions Garage' warning had been triggered. Also the oil light came on. I have changed the oil just 5 months ago so was suprised it was low so topped up. I noticed spots of oil on the floor where I had parked. On inspection there is a lot of oil under the car around sump and pipes.

It had its MOT the next day which it got through no problem as the mechanic cleared the warnings but recommended I get a full diagnostic as he thought the Turbo was playing up given the noise. I could not get it sorted the day of the MOT as I was going away for a week. Now back and need to sort the car. When I rev the engine to the max when stationary it whistles and then eventually splutters towards the end when the revs slow. I am using the Touran daily but trying not to push the turbo too much by driving steady and not under strain.

Touran 2.0TDI Turbo Problem

A turbo replacement cost a fortune that I do not have. Any ideas about the cheapest way around this? Would you buy a reconditioned Turbo or buy new? Should I try a DPf cleaner first? Any advise appreciated!I have the same problem with my 2. But VW cant find any faults, their computer comes up with nothing. I've taken it in twice. And it happens only occasionally. Any suggestions? I am having a problem with my Mk 5 Golf 1.

Yesterday whilst driving I lost all power and dark smoke appeared to be coming out of the exhaust and a hissing sound when i attempted to accelerate.

Does this mean my Turbo has gone? Can anyone help with my issue? It could be a loose clip or a split in the rubber pipe. Splits ony show up under pressure but usually leave a telltale spray of oil on something nearby.

Take a good look. Before anyone says otherwise I've used this stuff on three VNT turbos now and all three have worked wonders. I was amazed at what I saw. The vane ring was stuck solid, but after I'd used the Turbo Clean it was prefectly clean and shiny and as free as I could have ever imagined.

When I drove the car up the road the problem was cured, and the customer has been back in since and commented that his car has never run so well. I'm usually the first to be sceptical of these kind of products but this stuff works, believe me. Lost me previous post My Touran does excactly the same as described by the original post. Does this make sense to you also? Will it then be safe to drive km to the nearest turbo specialist?

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Latest Reviews 4. Used Car Pricing Search on.But while VW has held back on building a truly hot compact MPV, the TSI is a great all-rounder, and its engine will pleasantly surprise everyone who drives the car. Its 1. Fitting a turbo and a supercharger has proved to be a master stroke for VW. Can you really build a rapid people carrier with a 1. With a 2. At low revs, the supercharger forces air into the engine to help increase power. As the revs rise, both systems of forced induction operate, then the turbo alone feeds the unit at high speeds.

The complex hardware results in bhp and Nm of torque from 1,rpm. These figures mean the engine offers good performance in the Golf — but can it still work well in the heavier people carrier? We grabbed the keys to find out. Starting it up, we were impressed by the refinement.

Instead, a turbo whistle replaces the whine, and the VW charges towards the red line at around 7,rpm. And, unlike the average diesel, the TSI suffers no lag after you change gear. The supercharger re-engages instantly, so thrust is there right away.

For the record, this Touran out-accelerates a 2. Returns of The 2. Buyers can choose between SE and Sport trims, both with six-speed manual gearboxes. Without any stiffened suspension, the Touran rides extremely well, but feels a bit softly sprung around corners. New Volvo V details, prices and on-sale date.

Turbolader wechseln VW 1.9 TDI

Volvo S90 loses petrol and diesel engines from line-up. New Volkswagen Golf R set to arrive with bhp. Skip to Content Skip to Footer. Overall Auto Express Rating.

Arghhh - VW Touran - Not again

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Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Arghhh - VW Touran - Not again. Ray Singh Original Poster 2, posts months. My wife's VW Touran continues to give us grief. I have spent thousands on it since the day the cylinder head was found to be porous.

Since then, DMF and clutch replacement etc has really hurt me and my wallet. The car now has k miles on it and today it has started to make a strange noise.

There seems to be a strange whistling coming from the car. At first i thought it was a sticking calliper, but the wheels are not hot after a long drive.

The whistling doesn't stop if I hit the brakes, but seems to be speed dependant.

vw touran turbo whistle

At first it occurred at 60mph but now I have witnessed it at 40 and even 20 mph. Any ideas what it could be? At what point do you stop spending money on a car and trade it for something else? Dr G 13, posts months. Thanks Dr G. I tried your suggestion and i coulodnt get the car to whistle. I took my family on a half term trip to Cribbs Causeway and at certain speeds te car whistled again.

vw touran turbo whistle

I tried braking when the noise was evident and this didnt stop the noise. I did notice that if i depressed the clutch the noise stopped. When the clutch is pressed in, the noise goes away Any further ideas?

Kell 1, posts months. If it's speed related, is it possibly a loose bit of trim? If dipping clutch stops noise it could be the release bearing but I've never heard one whistle before. Thanks again Dr G. I took the car to Swindon VW today.Whistling Noise. Hi yesterday my car started making an unsual whistling noise. It also sounds like air is leaking out of somewhere but we cant decide where from. My dad seems to think it could be the turbo making the whistling noise and then possibly a cracked intercooler leaking air as all the pipes appear to be ok.

Volkswagen Touran

Could i be that unlucky?! I have recently changed the air flow meter and the egine coolant temperature sensor. One odd thing that happened on sunday also while i was driving home, i was driving at about 70mph in 5th gear and suddenly the power went and when ever i accelerated, it appeared as though the turbo was not kicking in.

I got home turned the car off then on again and it seemed fine until yesterday when it started whistling. Ive read that the EGR valve can sometimes make this noise if it is cracked or has a dodgy pipe. Can someone tell me where the EGR valve is located? Ive also connected it to vag com and no fault codes have been logged. Any help appreciated! I've been having the phantom whistling as well. I have 75K on it and its been doing this for probably 5K.

Its started not too long after injector service but I feel its unrelated. I also thought it might be the EGR so I put in a race pipe. That didnt solve it. I now have a glow plug code and CEL which I'm told can be triggered by many things but after doing some reading, Im thinking it is either loose harness, corrosion or hole in the hose to the ECU.

If it is a leak in the hose, I'm wondering if it could also be causing the whistling. Im told that hose eventually has to be replaced although dont really understand why so I will be doing that along with cleaning the glow plugs, this weekend. I will let you know if the whistle improves.

However, I was also warned that if you suddenly lose power, it indicates the Turbo and you should turn the engine off immediately esp with a race pipe or deleted EGR and service immediately before the Turbo blows and causes further damage.

Keep us posted. Find More Posts by regkat. Your dad sounds about right, looks like you hit limp mode on the motorway! TDI s : Passat silver sold after 11 yearsJetta atlantic blue.