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One of the biggest obstacle that prevents a gorgeous design of garment come to life is the limit of fabric. Not every designers have strong network of fabric supplier allowing him to develop and try any new kind of fabric for each special detail of his new design. Whilst almost garment contributors who have to hire third party design service seems not really good at selecting the best kind of fabric for each function of the product they desire. The consequent is that, a lot of amazing designs are limited by fabric.

The truth is that, many garment factories in Vietnam have much better solution for this. They combined the service of material development into their manufacturing service. As one of the pioneer knitted fabric and garment factory in VietnamThygesen Textile is providing an One-Stop-Shop manufacturing service helping their customer develop any new design of garment without any limit in fabric.

Started as a knitted fabric manufacturer, Thygesen have gained more than 85 years of experience in fabric manufacturing. Develop a new kind of knitted fabric is not our difficulty. We keep ourselves updated with new trend and innovation in yarn and fabric industry to always bring our customer the freshest options.

Having worked with many customers from USA, EU, Japan, Australia…, for many years, Thygesen have transformed to be capable and adaptive enough to meet well with those different requirement. How do you often do to have your garment products manufactured. Employing a full-package service or dealing with many service suppliers for separate stages of manufacturing process. If you are in the second case, just imagine that by using an one-stop-shop service provided by a capable vietnam garment factory, you will not need to have a sourcing team working with many suppliers from all around the world for the best suitable kind of fabric and accessories.

You will also no longer need to arranging for logistics. Every complicated tasks of a technician team will also be taken by that one-stop-shop service…. There is no more complication in your operation.

At a capable knitted garment manufacturer like Thygesen Textile Vietnam, necessary capability to provide a supportive One-Stop-Shop service are available. Thygesen has a quite strong human resource. Technician team with the ability of developing any design of knitted garment products even from only some images or draws. Cooperating with merchandiser, logistics and manufacturing management departments, They are handling smoothly the whole process of manufacturing.

They trust on our service to help them manufacturing their strategic products for important launch. Thygesen focus on the proficiency of our service to minimize both time and industrial waste in manufacturing.

By investing in well-designed training program, we ensure that all of our workers can master many kind of machines and technologies to be totally free arranged into production lines. Their productivity is always kept at the highest level and there is no waste of time in our production.Vietnam, backed by more than a dozen free trade agreements, has emerged as a key link in the global manufacturing supply chain.

That capacity, however, is being tested by growing demand - both from the EVFTA and the global disruption of trade caused by the U. For manufacturers like Tung, this means both the textile and the finished product itself should be Vietnamese or from a country with which the EU already has a free trade agreement in order to be tariff-free. At a hearing, European garment manufacturers expressed concern that an FTA with Hanoi could pave the way for cheap Chinese textiles to enter the European market after being transformed into garments in Vietnam.

Italian textile manufacturers and the European Apparel and Textile Confederation Euratex acted during the negotiations to prevent Chinese products that had undergone a finishing process in Vietnam from entering the EU without duties. They also fought to delay the removal of duties for a certain period of time after signing the deal to prevent a sudden flood of Vietnamese products into the European market.

Clothing makers in Vietnam say few can afford the expensive process of producing their own raw materials. Reporting by Phuong Nguyen. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States. Business News. Phuong Nguyen. Labourers work at a garment assembly line of Thanh Cong textile, garment, investment and trading company in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam July 9, Picture taken July 9, You have the convenience of buying directly from us and we manage the entire supply chain process delivering you the goods.

Check out some of our Product Categories below by placing your curser over the Picture Tile to view some of the Categories we can custom produce for you! Just a few of the many products we can produce for your company through our cut and sew manufacturing processes in Vietnam.

We will provide you a with a detailed Email outlining our Seller Services, Terms and Conditions and the next steps for us to quote the Product s you are seeking.

We ship worldwide using either your preference of Carriers … Or ours with competitive Door to Door Delivery rates available. Over the last few years, many large multinational companies have been relocating their manufacturing plants. As Vietnam experiences a large spike in growth across all manufacturing sectors, Cut and Sew Vietnam.

All sewn up? Vietnam garment makers face hitches in lucrative EU trade deal

What is the Cut and Sew manufacturing process? And why Vietnam? Vietnam B2B Direct. With years of experience we have shipped products to companies all over the world. Fill out our Form below telling us what you are looking for. We can work with low minimum order quantities to the largest quantities you require. We manage the entire supply chain providing you with timely deliveries.

Cut and Sew Products We Manufacture. Are you are a large corporation, small business, organization, school or private seller? Complete the Form Fill out the Contact Form below. Processing Form We will typically answer you in days. Review Our Response We will provide you a with a detailed Email outlining our Seller Services, Terms and Conditions and the next steps for us to quote the Product s you are seeking. Why Clothing and Garment Manufacturers Are Moving Their Factories to Vietnam Over the last few years, many large multinational companies have been relocating their manufacturing plants.

About Cut and Sew Vietnam. Meet the people behind the Cut and Sew Management Group who have years of experience in successful dealings with foreign buyers in the manufacturing and exporting of Vietnam made products. The Company consists of well-educated English-speaking Vietnamese Personnel in its Vietnam operations trained in western business practices.

The Cut and Sew Vietnam Management Group operates 2 Vietnam Offices with 14 years of experience in manufacturing in most industry sectors.

Having visited over 1, Factories and performed Quality Control Inspections in many we have accumulated a list of approved Vietnamese Manufacturers who meet the quality standards and fair trading practices that western countries and our Buyers have come to expect.

Our parent company is an active member for many years with both the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. For your product manufacturing needs in Vietnam, please complete the inquiry form below. The more detail you add about your inquiry, the better it will be for us to help you in delivering the best trade solution service for yourself or your company in Vietnam. Other Vietnam B2B Websites. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Any Type Company List Reset Options. Do you mean by Hand Garments.

vietnam garment factory

Hanoi Textile And Garment Company Hanoi textile- garment company known as hanosimex formerly hanoi spinning mill, hanoi spinning - knitting enterprise, hanoi textile company is a leading textile and garment company in the vietnam light industry.

It is fully provided with compatible modern equipment made in italy, germany, belgium, j Hanoi glass company Hanoi glass company is located in vietnam. Tanthang Garment Manufacturer 5a8Tanthang garment manufacturerSpecialize men'suit and men's trouser. Artexport Hanoi We are now exporting many embroidery goods to Kuwait and many other countries all over the world. Our products with unsurpassed quality and reasonable prices always meet the need of all customers.

We can make any samples for you as your request, please kindly contact directly to me. Unimex hanoi has business relationship with more than 40 countries in almost areas worldwide like asean, north and south-west asia, east europe and e. U, africa, north americ Favina Joint Stock Company We are favina manufacturer specializes in many kinds of products such as: Silk garmenthandbags, embroidery scraves, charcoal, In hanoiVietnam.

We have many kinds of silk products with fashionable designs, good styles. We have exported to many countries all over the world. Viet Tien garment Viet Tien garment is located in vietnam.

Vietnam national general export import corporation We are one of gigest company in hanoi Vietnam. Telephone Address No. We are seeking parners for exportation of these above products in any market.

Trinh Duc Cuong Trinh Duc Cuong is located in vietnam, we are the sea foods, garmentfurniture, gift, electronic devices supplier.

Main market: Japan, eu, usa. Main products: Embroidery, basketry, handicraft products, textile, garment. Nuber of company employees: Over people. Can make samples as customer's design. Our buyer as target, aeo, banana republic, jc peny etc We can be your agent to source garment with high quality and intime delivery to your dc. Telephone Address Hoangmai, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Pls contact us if you need a Manufacturing agent for: Functional Outerwear wi Toga Ltd, Co. We are the trading of Plastic recycle, garment accessories, Hard goods. Prev 1 2 3 Next.Company Profile. Sewing OEM.

Thygesen – Garment manufacturer in VietNam

Our Services. Private Label. Design ODM. Fabric We Produce. Our story and introduction. P sewing factory in Vietnam. This website is to showcase our products and to explain what we can do for you. We are a family owned business that has been manufacturing garments for almost 30 years.

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Starting as a woven CMT factory inwe switched ourselves from woven to cut and sew knitted garments cut-knit or jersey in We equip ourselves with skills from developing, producing fabric, sourcing fabric and accessories to cut and sew them into knitted garments.

Besides the facilities and abilities to produce the casual and fashioned cut and sew knitted wear, we are also equipped with 50 flat lock machines in case you sportswear Football, gym, yoga or cycling … Quality is one of our biggest strengths. Our basic quality standard is A. We have done many orders with A.

Our regular MOQ is 1, pieces per style. We are flexible on this matter because we understand that MOQ has to depend on the requirements of your business as well as the MOQ of yarn and fabric production. If you order a collection of a few styles, we can makepieces per style but we need your support to combine fabric together.

Our customers consider Thai Son S. P as their reliable sewing factory in Vietnam. Contact Us.

vietnam garment factory

How should we start? Are you ready to get a price quote? I will review your email if my company is set up to meet your needs. It's the best if you can provide tech packs and other information to quote.The office is situated at a very convenient location—only a minute drive from Ho Chi Min International airport. The Ho Chi Min branch With a progressive vision, our experienced executive teams have enhanced service efficiency and modernized products through high technological enhancements to keep up with the dynamic garment industry.

Oriental Garment Co. The company also emphasizes the continual The Oriental Garment Co. With high quality production capacity, an experienced implementation production technology, meticulous product designs that are in accordance with From past to present… The Oriental Garment Co.

Somboon and Mrs. Saowarat Nimla-or in The company started a humble family garment-producing business with an initial registered capital of merely 0. With its founders The company also emphasizes the continual development and enhancement of all products and services in order to ensure high standards while.

At our head office, we have a friendly staff and the right technology to serve our loyal customers, whether personally, mobile or online through video conference, Skype and etc. The Ho Chi Min branch serves as a representative office in Vietnam which provides support to our customers in Vietnam.

Vietnam garments

The Ho Chi Min branch. Previous Next. Read More. Our Technology With a progressive vision, our experienced executive teams have enhanced service efficiency and modernized products through high technological enhancements to keep up with the dynamic garment industry. Oriental Garment. Bangkok Branch HQ.A recently-published Oxfam study looks at Vietnamese garment workers' wages and living conditions.

To reach their conclusions, the study used data collected from interviews with 88 garment workers, five senior managers, 14 factory supervisors, six labor officials, 38 unions, three salary experts; and additional quantitative data from six companies, with 6, workers, that are garment suppliers for Australian, European and North American clothing brands.

A living wage is defined in the study as the minimum wage paid to a full-time worker that can cover basic needs of nutrition, decent housing, healthcare, clothing, transportation, utilities, childcare, education, future savings and savings for unexpected events. The research contends that there are several driving forces that contribute to this harrowing condition. International brands and buyers' price negotiation practices that seek the cheapest prices possible force manufacturing enterprises to lower prices and manipulate law loopholes to lower their workers' pay while still pushing them to work overtime.

Strict punishments from global buyers and the factories themselves also lead to wage reductions and cuts to annual leave. The priority of profit over worker's livelihood causes many factories to cut costs by not conducting enough health checks and reducing the cost of their employees' meals.

However, companies only offer lunch at 12, VND, and some companies only spend 10, VND — the equivalent to a ml milk box and a noodle packet," writes the report.

Garment workers are also offered little choice and agency as many are kept in the dark about their rights, job descriptions and unit prices for the products they made. Weak bargaining power of trade unions, burnout and potential loss of jobs prevent these garment workers from speaking out for their rights.

vietnam garment factory

Those who were identified as leading the strikes were laid off after 1—2 years. No one dares to stand and lead a strike — not even the union president," two workers in Ninh Binh told researchers.

When it comes to legal protection for these employees, Vietnam falls short. The lack of labor inspections and the limitation of the statutory minimum wage contributes to the problem. Moreover, the report warns that Vietnam's recent embrace of international labor policies and trade agreements, which means a shift towards a market system, will create more vulnerabilities for workers and leave them even less room for collective bargaining.

Thus, the report recommends that global brands and buyers should instill basic human rights in their business practices and make a living wage a standard for all of their supply chains.

For garment factories, production should be transparent; a fixed wage component should be in place in price negotiation with buyers and more efforts must be put into lifting employees' earnings to the living wage standard.

The researchers also recommend the government increase the minimum wage to the living wage level, create a transparent minimum wage calculation process, foster a friendly environment for collective bargaining, guarantee social protection for all workers, work with other governments to lift wages, and provide public recognition to businesses that are able to ensure a living wage for their workers. A new study interviewed female Vietnamese garment workers to gain insights into the extent of abuse these women are facing.

The survey was conducted by ECA International, a London-based company that sells marketing information. Taiwan continues its crackdown against illegal workers in the country that began in January.

The current retirement age for female and male workers is 55 and 60, respectively. How will they be supported during this period of hards Written by Saigoneer.

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