Tai fu: wrath of the tiger (psone)

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T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger (USA) PSP Eboot

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Buy used:. Used: Very Good Details. Sold by GoodDeals. Condition: Used: Vw tdi auction Good. Comment: includes disc, and manual, but missing case. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger. Platform : PlayStation. Rated: Teen.Raised by the Panda clan, you have learned responsibility, spirituality, and defense. You are young and tend to speak before thinking but you are still on the right track to learning of your heritage.

You also get the opportunity to wreak a little havoc on the enemies of your forefathers, once you find out who they were. If you like playing an edgy, yet simple kung fu fighting game with a decent back story then you will like this one.

This game is linear, you will go through each level in order and do not have much flexibility of choosing where you will go next. Each level either has guards or tricks to try to impede your progress. There is no requirement to fight any of them until you see a specific message like "defeat three to advance" so if you want, you can avoid fighting in levels you have almost completed save for that last jump to the checkpoint the spot where you'd start from if you die.

Fighting enemies within each level is simple, keep knocking them back until they flash and disappear. As you hit them, a strength bar will pop up showing how much strength they have left. You also have a health meter and a chi meter. The health meter cannot be reduced to zero or you're dead, the chi meter is used for chi moves which I will describe below. The style of Tai Fu is comical action adventure with specially added kung fu combinations. As you clear the path before you of those who would impede you, you will teach other clans whose Kung Fu is strong and whose Kung Fu is weak.

By listening carefully to your Panda Clan parent and patiently fighting within your abilities until you have received all of them, you will advance quickly and make a real name for T'ai Fu. Each new level brings you into contact with a new clan. By defeating that clan and its boss, you will learn new moves that you can then build into your combinations. You start out by learning a few moves from your adopted parent, the leader of Panda Clan.

Your journey includes contact with the following clans: dragon, snake, mantis, leopard, monkey, crane, panda, boar, rat, and tiger.

tai fu: wrath of the tiger (psone)

The combinations you learn are not of the "difficult to learn" variety, the sort I find require too much memorization to pull off. For example, your basic Tiger clan combination is a simple triple hit on the square button possibly followed by your utility triangle button finisher.

T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger ... (PS1)

Other styles have combinations based on those exact same key combination but are led into from another circumstance or move.

For example, the Mantis combo is done after a succesful block and the Crane combo is done from hovering. Alternatively, you can use your chi power to use mental energy for attacking your opponent. The Chi blast uses almost all of your chi power to hurt everyone within a short radius of T'ai Fu.

The Chi shot uses less chi but provides a focused shot on a specific opponent that can then either lead into a combination or finish off a tough opponent.

Each style of fighting has a number of miniature combinations that can be joined together by the right move into longer combinations. If you figure some of them out, you can do super multiple hit combinations.

When you finish a combination, the styles you used and the number of hits that they included are displayed briefly on the screen. Throughout each level you will pick up jade coins, when you pick up fifty coins you will gain a 1-Up or extra life that you will need when you reach a tougher area. Other items picked up in levels include 1-Ups, gold coins when you complete levels, health ups to refill your health meter, and chi orbs to refill your chi. You also will come across power tablets that make you temporarily invincible or give you stealth so that enemies can't see you.Liquid error: Index was out of range.

Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index Liquid error: Index was out of range. Genre Action Summary After having been oppressed by dragons for his entire life, T'ai Fu, a young tiger with martial arts skills, seeks revenge on the dragons. You must guide the young warrior through 24 levels, all rendered in 3D, ranging from jungles and swamps to temples.

While on his adventure, T'ai Fu will be able to learn new moves like roll attacks, super jumps, and fireballs from the various masters he encounters.

He will need these attacks to defeat the various enemies that he will face in some cases, three at a time. As the game progresses further, every move will be used to solve puzzles and navigate the increasingly treacherous terrain. No account needed. It is commonly misunderstood that a Paypal account is needed in order to make payments through Paypal.

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Outside of Europe - Allow 30 days for a delivery estimate delivery speeds can vary due to location or country some will arrive well within the estimate.T'ai Fu, a tiger raised by the Panda Clan, is the last of his own clan.

As the de facto leader of the other clans, the Tiger Clan rallied everyone against the forces of the Dragon Clan, several years prior to the game. Years later, the Dragon Master, the last surviving Dragon Clan member, got word of a tiger that was still alive. Arriving at the Panda Clan's temples, he forced his way in and found T'ai. Attacking him, he left T'ai for dead and told his snake guards to finish up.

Once T'ai regains consciousness, he is set out on a journey to find out about his past, become a Kung Fu master, and defeat the Dragon Master. Along the way, T'ai comes across some ancient Tiger Clan ruins. There, he defeats one of the Snake Clan bosses and meets the Mantis Master. T'ai is shown the way to the other clans and learns from them.

Near the end, T'ai locates his father's burial shrine and Lau Fu's spirit appears to him. Lau Fu teaches his son how to unleash the power of his clan in order to defeat the Dragon Master.

tai fu: wrath of the tiger (psone)

Once the Dragon Master is defeated, T'ai is greeted by his father's spirit once more. Lau grants T'ai the gift of his chi and he departs. The Mantis Master appears and tells T'ai that he must lead the Clans toward the future. The two then leave the Dragon Master's palace. The dragons were feared and respected for their mastery of Kung Fu and magic.

However, their greed caused conflict among themselves and with the other clans, resulting in their destruction. The Dragon Master is now the last surviving member of the clan.

tai fu: wrath of the tiger (psone)

The primary enemies that T'ai faces in the game, the Snake Clan sided with the Dragon Master due to his promise of using magic to turn them into dragons. There are three snake species in the game: cobras, vipers, and pythons.

Brutish powerhouses, this clan joined the Dragon Master simply so they could have more opportunities to steal and terrorize others. This clan is only found in the Great Wall and mountain levels. The rat clan is filled with opportunistic thieves. They will offer their services to anyone for a prices and as such, are working for the Dragon Master.

A peaceful clan who raised T'ai, these monks only wish to pursue wisdom and simple lives. Due to their Kung Fu's purely defensive nature, they were overlooked until the Dragon Master found out about T'ai.

Due to their patience and tolerance, the Dragon Master would have passed over them if it weren't for the fact that this was a clan of Chi attack masters.

The Mantis Master is the only living clan member left, however, the spirits of deceased members can posses the statues around their home. A clan of warriors, these leopards can quickly prepare ambushes and surprise attacks thanks to their agility and their leaping abilities. Most of the clan was wiped out by the Dragon Master.

However, there are pockets of survivors in their territory. A clan of carefree monkeys, they are seen as comics by the other clans. As such, the Dragon Master doesn't see them as a threat. Despite this, they are wise, strong, and capable fighters.Back ina somewhat less-known company known as DreamWorks Interactive would produce one of the era's unsung legends—an epic kung-fu tale of a solitary warrior named T'ai Fu.

After the forces of the tyranical Dragon Master lay waste to his temple home, attack the monks who took him in as an orphan, and leave him for dead, T'ai sets out to discover why the Dragon Master wanted him dead in the first place.

Along the way, he encounters the other clans and learns their distinctive martial arts styles, learns more of his own heritage, and comes to understand that he may be China's last hope for freedom from the Dragon Master's evil reign.

Also, the entire cast is composed of Funny Animals. This lends itself especially well to their kung-fu arts - the Leopard Clan can sprint along on all fours like their real-life counterparts, the Cranes can soar through the air on their wings, and T'ai Fu himself has a pretty sharp set of tiger claws to go with his martial arts.

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Despite not receiving a lot of media coverage, T'ai Fu, Wrath of the Tiger was pretty decent for its time, combining elements of platforming and fighting games to produce an entertaining romp through mythical China.

The fighting techniques you learn as you progress through the game can help you navigate the environment just as easily as they let you savage your enemies - you can leap, bounce, or glide across hazardous pitfalls, and use Chi bolts to activate mystical switches that raise bridges or open gates.

While the graphics are a product of their time, the soundtrack, background imagery, and colorful cast make the game worth a watch on Youtube, if nothing else. Another fun fact— Dreamworks Animation went on to produce Kung Fu Pandawhich uses a number of similar concepts. And Jeffrey Katzenberg worked on both titles. Make of that what you will. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

Blood of the noble White Tiger Clan stains these very stones. Dragon Master: Not one clan could stand up to me in the past, yet you are so bold as to now suggest that with your combined powers, you'd be a match for a Dragon?!

For me?! You arrogant fool! You pitiful infant! Prepare to commiserate with your father--you'll be with him shortly. T'ai Fu: That's just as well. It's time I returned this to him! T'ai Fu: So, you know who faces you!

Tai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger

As one, we are unstoppable. I cannot fail. Lotus: Come onTiger! Mantis Master: Faith, young master T'ai, is a belief in something for which there is no proof. It does not apply here. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?Finding games that have the broken rhythm and random motion of reality combat encounters not necessarily the outright moves is exceedingly rare.

T'ai Fu is a game that does just that. Like real life martial arts, learning the controls in T'ai Fu takes training and repetition. Once they're mastered, your character can move about and fight as easily as one would in reality combat. The representation of the 5 animal kung fu in the game is fantasy based, but the effect is very real. The incredible replayability of this game is due to the fact that the programmers of this game have taken great care to ensue that opponents move and fight with intelligence and personality.

There is no one specific way to defeat any opponent in this game, and reality combat enthusiasts can work with different moves and strategies to beat opponents who do not respond the same way to every attack. Even the experienced T'ai Fu master can get soundly defeated on even the first level if he's not appropriately attentive to what opponents and even environment will pull.

I cannot recommend this fabulous game enough. It is my favorite fighting game of ANY console. Well this is my first time writing a review on Ebay but really, Ill make it short and simple, as I doubt that there will be any one that would actually stop to read this, this game is really entertaining for its time, you get that oriental kung fu feel in a game and it really gives you the real world influence of kungfu and the many animal techniques, but in a more animated fun way, this game is really easy to play, and my reasons for buying it are.

This a great action platformer game. I remember playing this game when i was younger and it still holds up good today. Love this game. I love this game from the first time i played it when i was 10 yrs old But i still enjoy the chinese story to the game tiger vs.

Tai-fu rocks, :. Good response time and shipping. I'm a happy customer. Featuring 3D graphics viewed from a side-scrolling perspective, the game has you using an assortment of paw-to-paw combat moves against members of rival animal clans. The titular tiger will acquire new fighting techniques by defeating the bosses of each clan in his bid to rid the world of the dreaded Dragon Master.

In addition to his melee attacks, T'ai Fu can channel "chi" to perform special moves and find power-ups to temporarily make him invisible or invulnerable to enemies. Collect jade fragments to earn extra lives while battling through the game's 24 levels. Additional Product Features Number of Players. Perform paw swipes, flying kicks, throws, blocks, and more Defeat leopards, monkeys, snakes, rats, and other animal clans Battle six bosses in your quest to defeat the Dragon Master.

T'ai Fu: A Playstation Classic! Great game This a great action platformer game. Good purchase Good response time and shipping. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch, Just Dance Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch, Racing Wheels for Sony PlayStation 1.

Sony PlayStation 1 Accessories.The game is set in an oriental landscape populated by clans of animals, such as Leopards and Snakes. The game's protagonist, T'ai Fu, is the last remaining survivor of the Tiger clan and must journey to defeat the Dragon Master and avenge his kind.

On the way, he learns about his clouded past and masters several Kung Fu styles, one from each clan master he defeats. While the game has some fairly challenging platformer aspects, the main focus of the gameplay is on fighting aggressors from other clans as T'ai seeks to receive Kung Fu tutoring from the masters of the clans.

Each new style T'ai learns increases his repertoire of moves, and he can even learn more exotic moves such as energy blasts and the power of flight. An emphasis on combos is placed in the fighting, as each new style can be chained to one another in any order, allowing for impressively long and complex chains.

The game also rewards players for completing combos, as pressing a specific button at the end of each combo refills a bit of the player's health and 'chi' energy the latter which is used in performing energy blasts.

Another unique aspect of the fighting aspect in the game, is that each move learned is not mutually exclusive to combat or platforming; they can be used for both to great effect. The soundtrack was composed by Michael Giacchino. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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