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Brothers Derek and Don Rickman found success ran in their blood as motocross racers in s England. After tasting victory on the track, the Rickmans began designing and building their own motorcycle frames. Soon their distinctive designs allowed them to expand their business to include street machines and fairing production.

Derek, born inis older than Don by two years. Their father raced in speedway motorcycle competition and the Rickman boys were influenced heavily by his involvement in the sport. Growing up in that business, the brothers developed a keen sense of all things mechanical, and that would prove to guide them in the direction of motorcycle design and building. They both represented Britain in the s in Motocross des Nations. Both won numerous national and international motocross races.

They dubbed these machines Metisse — a Gallic expression for a mongrel. The modifications became more and more extensive until inthey produced their first frame and christened the complete motorcycle the Mark 3, which utilized either a Triumph or Matchless engine.

We started with a clean sheet and developed large-diameter frame tubing so we could carry the oil in the frame. Plenty of room around the carburetor so we could have big air filters. We used high-quality tube so we had a much lighter machine. Rickman machines were 30 to 40 pounds lighter than the standard versions. The bikes were also beautiful to look at, with striking, nickel-plated, high-quality, large-diameter Reynolds tubing. They also were compact and eliminated the need for an oil case by the ingenious method of carrying the engine oil inside the frame itself.

That also served another purpose of cooling the oil. They found a Montesa engine they could buy and a Zundapp. They produced prototypes and BSA America decided to import them.


At one point, Rickman was producing nearly 4, bikes a year that went mainly to America. When the British motorcycle industry went bust, the Rickmans found themselves standing as the biggest motorcycle producer in England.

With that, the Rickmans went to work and produced their first road racing frame, designed to use a Matchless engine. Those bikes, too, saw immediate success and the company turned more and more of its attention to building road bikes. Our kits handled very well as compared to the production models.

We also produced kits for Triumph engines, as well. The machines were quite expensive, but gave their riders a feeling of exclusivity.

American motorcycle magazines raved about the handling and designs of Rickman machines. At its height, Rickman employed workers at its shop in New Milton. The Rickmans' work was not confined to motorcycle chassis. They also did extensive engine design. Special eight-valve cylinder heads they developed for Triumph engines, and produced by Weslake, upped the power from 45 to 60 horsepower. Police departments took notice of these powerful engines and Rickman began producing police motorcycles utilizing the Rickman-designed Triumph motors.

The Rickmans were working towards producing its own engine in conjunction with Weslake. Unfortunately Weslake suffered financial difficulties and the project never came to completion. Most Rickmans were street-going motorcycles, but many ended up becoming road racers.

The Rickman road racers, like the motocross bikes, found great success in competition.Classic Motorcycle Racing Forum.

rickman weslake

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The reason I asked was that I raced a Triumph which had been short stroked down to cc using a 63mm billet crank, for about twelve years in the 60s and 70s. I reached an impasse with it. I used to rev it to 10, rpm regularly, but it still had the long rods, so little bottom end. The bike is still in the next town from here ,but I wouldn't go there and play with that motor again. If I can find a Weslake headI could build another short stroker which would really perform.

The dates are important to the idiots who run our historic racing here. This is my Triumph in about Remember you and all men are standing on the shoulders of giants. Steve Adlem Guest. Quote from: jim crocker on December 02,PM. Member Posts: The increase in bhp made the Triumph crankcases rods etc. Project WRP. Ron Valentine did not Design these?? No arguing with that then Den! You've been there, done that Someone i knew was biddingso I didn't want to attract too much attention to it!

He who laughs, lasts. SMF 2.The crank was a fully machined single forging with increased big end diameter making it much stiffer and better-balanced and producing one of the smoothest running motorcycles in the Triumph range. Recesses in the pistons allowed a compression ratio.

Nourish Weslake Project – 1974 Norton Commando Custom

Other changes from the standard TE included offset connecting rodssteel-linered alloy barrels, [1] [ clarification needed ] a strengthened swinging arm, and a high output three-phase alternator. Launched in with an electric starter as standard, the all-new top end of the engine featured Cooper rings sealing the 8-valve cylinder head to the barrel. American Morris alloy wheels were an option with dual Automotive Products Lockheed disc brakes upfront as standard.

The fins of the black painted engine were polished although, like the Triumph TR65 Thunderbirdmany alloy cycle parts that had in the past been bright—polished or chromed were now painted satin black. Mudguards were stainless steel as were the Italian Radaelli rims for the wire-spoked wheel option.

The high specification air-oil 'Strada' rear suspension units were supplied by Italian firm Marzocchi. Unlike most Triumph models, no USA style with high handlebars and two-gallon tank was produced, all models coming with the Italian four-gallon tank and low handlebars as well as the newly introduced alloy 'dog leg' clutch and front brake levers.

Only TSS bikes were actually exported by Triumph, as on 26 August the factory at Meriden went into voluntary liquidation. It is calculated that TSS units were made in total. The TSS, particularly the engine, was generally well received by the British and international press [7] [5] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] although a long term test by Motor Cycle Weekly revealed early cylinder heads to be porous and wet weather braking failure.

Fitting an eight-valve engine in an anti-vibration frame was first mooted by the factory at the Earls Court motorcycle show on the prototype super-tourer, TS For the unrealised range, the TSS was to have had Meriden's 'Enforcer' anti-vibration frame as standard where the engine was rubber-mounted in a special anti-vibration frame. These replaced the original side panels which had been extended to cover the Bing carburettor linkages on the USA export models.

A plastic 'ducktail' seat unit was mounted above the shortened rear mudguard of the projected civilian model and rear set footrests, brake and gear shift mechanisms fitted. Due to the height clearance limitations caused by the engine jogging about its rubber mounts within the Enforcer frame, the shorter Amal Mk2 carburettors instead of Bings were fitted.

Only three examples of the TSS AV in police and civilian specification were ever made [18] and one bare frame including one for the late Chris Buckle, proprietor of former Triumph dealers, Roebucks Motorcycles. Not quite to the envisaged specification, this was made on 27 June and is, according to the factory production records held by the Vintage Motor Cycle Club, the last complete Meriden Triumph. It was factory -fitted with Koni rear suspension units and omitted the 'ducktail' in favour of the conventional rear mudguard arrangement.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Toggle navigation. Classic Bikes for sale: Matchless. I bought this brilliant Matchless a couple of years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed two seasons of trouble free riding.

The G11 got a bit of an unfair press for being an old mans bike when the larger cc G12 came out. Non original crankcase although the original factory matching pair damaged to one side is included for possible repair, club dating certificate to prove. Rebuilt engine with unused Malcom Saggers crank well know in the club, flywheels expertly machined to accept BSA big end which is stronger and easily obtained but has tapered attachments. Rebuilt front and rear The bike has been built in Trails Style as i intended to use the bike on Lincolnshire's quiet back roads and green lanes.

New wiring loom with all new electrical components, battery, switches and 12v conversion. A Boyer electronic ignition provides reliable sparks and easy starting. Both wheels have been fully rebuilt with alloy rims stainless spokes and The bike runs and rides like a gem and pulls from almost nothing. Delivery can be arranged, please ask for a quote. Please check the shop Sold new to Dutch Police.

Re imported into this country in 's. Restored including engine rebuild. Lots of paperwork. Very good condition. Runs and rides. Good useable classicRickman Motorcycles was a British, independent motorcycle chassis constructor established by brothers Derek and Don Rickman. The firm manufactured motorcycles from to The frame designs were initially for scrambles, but the frames were later designed for road bikes as well.

The Rickman Triumph is a quintessentially British motorcycle, it showcases some of the best individual components the U. The most important part of any Rickman motorcycle is its frame.

The Rickman brothers were retired motorcycle racers who had a broad range of hard-won engineering knowledge; they used this knowledge to develop some of the best-handling motorcycles in the world. The Rickman brothers were amongst the first to pioneer a few now commonplace technical advances, including oil-in-frame motorcycles and large-diameter telescopic forks to handle more aggressive riding.

They were amongst the first to offer front and rear disc brakes. This nickel-plated Rickman frame cradles a unit-construction cc Triumph parallel twin. The fuel tank, side covers, fender and seat are all light-weight hand-laid fiberglass. An 8-valve cylinder-head conversion by Westlake considerably increases power output up to 60 HP or more depending on state of tune.

The Rickman motorcycles or frame kits were known for their beautiful body parts and nickel-plated frames, and they are often referred to as "Metisse" frames.

Translated from French, it means, politely, mongrel. This Rickman Triumph in its British racing green livery, polished and pristine, represents a time when the very best sports bikes were made in England. Information found on the website is presented as advance information for the auction lot. The lot and information presented at auction on the auction block supersedes any previous descriptions or information.

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Highlights Original Rickman cafe racer Comprised of everything that was the best available components of the day Very unique example 2-cylinder cc engine Very rare Weslake 8-valve cylinder heads Engine number: H Engine polished and detailed to the max Frame number: H British racing Green Original Rickman cafe racer Comprised of everything that was the best available components of the day Very unique example 2-cylinder cc engine Very rare Weslake 8-valve cylinder heads Engine number: H Engine polished and detailed to the max Frame number: H British racing Green.

Las Vegas Auction Search. Wards Whizzer Yale Yamaha Zundapp. Reset Search. Saturday Digital Catalog. Thursday Digital Catalog. Road Art Auction Catalog.This diamond in the rough has been in storage since just 3, miles, and is ready for a makeover. Derek and Don Rickman made their name designing and fabricating beautiful and world-beating frames for the scramblers they loved, the lightweight and nickel-plated chromoly tubing being a usable showpiece. They turned their attention toward the street starting inand provided the recently nationalized BSA-Triumph a market for their T twin of 46hp.

The twin carbs and factory 5-speed were good news, and Rickman added alloy rims and disk brakes, as well as large-diameter forks. Undeniably tired and ready for the next chapter, this CR appears substantially complete. The pittance of miles will have to be swept away in a flurry of renovation, but the new owner will have a beautiful rarity when complete. A thoughtful test rider or British specialist will be required with the right-side shifter, left foot brake.

Comments from the eBay auction:. Before that the Bonnies had been a big success so basic mechanical parts for this CR should be easy to source. This is definitely not our usual material, but you may have notice Mike has returned to make regular contributions on the site.

Let us know what you think in the comments! But what if the motorcycle in question originally came that way? Because what you are looking at is a Rickman CR, offered to consumers in kit format. Provided with a frame, bodywork, suspension and wheels, the avid buyer needed to supply engine, tranny and electrical — usually from a donor bike. Thus, this is somewhat true to the original kit offered by Rickman. Does that make it fair game? The Rickman brothers created wonderful toys — think of them as the UK equivalent of Bimota.

With handcrafted frames welded in stainless and evocative fiberglass bodywork that rivaled the best the Italians had to offer, Rickman kits were assembled into fantastic creations. And as the bodywork and the frame were the biggest pieces of the kit offering, this appears to be your chance to get back to the kit bike days and build one of your own.

With no manual, instructions or parts list the risk is definitely on you — but Rickmans are not exactly available on a daily basis. This is rare indeed, although not as desirable as a clean, running example. Mostly complete with tons of parts and upgrades. Like fresh orient express big bore kit, D ported GPZ head, original body work. The list goes on. All parts are in good shape and a great start for your vintage road race project.

Sold with bill of sale. No Title. This is NOT the bike for sale, but a good representation of what the finished product could look like:. This project could make for an awesome cafe racer — but you need your rose-colored glasses for best effect.

rickman weslake

There is much work to be done between the current state and the finished product, and there are a great many unknowns in between.

If those chasms can be successfully negotiated, you would have yourself a rare bird indeed; if not, this remains a pile of parts.The Rickman brothers made their place in history in the s by producing beautiful, strong, lightweight frames for a variety of British powerplants.

By the beginning of the next decade, they offered complete two-stroke machines, with a choice of cc Zundapp or cc Montesa engines. Today, the name still exudes an air of class and quality. Matt is pictured here on one of his all-time favorite rides, a pre-unit cc Triumph Rickman, at Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in the early '90s. For general parts, please see the product index on the left.

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rickman weslake

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