How to lubricate slk roof

This page:. The softness of Eos roof seals is vital for the prevention of water ingress. This guide will show you how to clean and lubricate the seals. Buy Eos roof lubricant. Buy the VW universal tool as seen in guide. Do not attempt a repair if you are not appropriately trained or do not have the correct tools or equipment to conduct a repair safely. Your vehicle may differ from that shown.

No claim can be made against us for loss of earnings, inconvenience or any other incurred expenses. Please Link to Us. Sparingly apply lubricant along the seal then gently massage ensuring an even spread.

Convertible Vario Top Hydraulic Pump Unit Service

Carry out same process for every stage listed below. Tilt glass sunroof and clean along the seal and underside of glass. Turn ignition on and lower roof to half way point. To stop, turn off ignition and remove key. Lubricate seals along the back edges of both sections of roof. Lower roof completely then clean and lubricate along the section of chrome trim.

While roof is down lubricate the rubber seal along the top of the windscreen. Turn ignition on and raise roof into position shown. Turn off once in position and remove key from ignition.

Vario Roof Hydraulic Cylinder ID and Replacement

Ensure the full length of the seal is cleaned. Lubricate as necessary. Massage lubricant into seal and repeat the complete procedure every 8 weeks.

Insert special tool into top roof rail and draw it along the full length of the rail, lifting out any dirt or debris. Clean along boot lid seal.Convertible hardtop roofs and soft tops have one thing in common — they love to be looked after! A poorly maintained convertible roof will eventually malfunction because perished seals allow for water ingress, which damages internal mechanical components. We often see neglected cabriolets with malfunctioning roofs come into the workshop.

The sad part is — most of the repairs that we perform on these vehicles could have been avoided if the owner regularly maintained and cared for their convertible roof! By properly maintaining the folding roof on your cabriolet, you can avoid expensive repair bills and the inconvenience of bringing your car in for an extensive repair. The best way to make sure your convertible roof remains in top condition is to have it professionally serviced at least once a year.

This will ensure that your roof continues to operate smoothly and its mechanical components are well-maintained. We often see an influx of clients just after winter, when the weather starts getting warmer and there are more sunny days.

Many of these clients have tried to open their convertible roof to enjoy the sun but have discovered it is not functioning correctly. An annual roof service helps to prevent any issues with your roof occurring over the winter months. The Cayman Autos annual roof service package includes:.

This service will ensure that your convertible roof system is in good working order and ready for the warmer months! Our team often sees cabriolet roof seals that are in very poor condition — particularly on hard metal folding roof systems.

This is often due to insufficient maintenance of the seals by the owner. Many of the cabriolets we work on have dirt and leaf debris sitting in the gullies — this not only prevents the seal from doing its job, it cause deterioration of the seal itself.

It can also cause a bad smell and make using the vehicle quite uncomfortable! This is what your seals should look like! This is what is looks like when seals that are dirty and not doing their job:. For general maintenance, you can use clean soapy water to remove grime and debris from seals.

Just be aware that some manufacturers require you to use specific types of cleaners and lubricants on roof seals. Using the wrong one can invalidate your warranty, so be very careful. Cayman Autos uses an extremely thorough process for cleaning cabriolet roof seals.

It is quite a labour intensive process that takes an average of 20 man-hours. It starts with one of our technicians thoroughly cleaning all seals to strip away any dirt, grime, and debris. This is accomplished with a variety of tools including a fine tooth comb. Then, the appropriate lubricant is applied to the seals to rejuvenate and protect them. We always use Krytox lubricant — a fantastic product that works well with all types of cabriolet seals. Our technicians then clear the roof drains and perform extensive water testing to ensure there is no water ingress into the cabin and boot.

Finally, we make adjustments to the roof to ensure it is operating smoothly. We get the vehicle back into the shop 6 weeks later after the seals have settled. We perform more testing and make any adjustments that are required. As you can see, it is a very thorough and comprehensive approach to cleaning cabriolet roof seals!

Fabric convertible roofs can become tired and faded over time. They also lose some of their water resistance over time -— a bit like your favourite old raincoat — it gets used all the time with our great British weather, but eventually wears out and lets you down when you need it!The SLK's Vario power roof is probably its biggest selling point.

This roof can also be the car's Achilles heel. With its multitude of limit switches and hydraulics, one glitch in the system can cause the roof to park itself in an unfavorable position. This presents problems, particularly if the roof is partially down. Vario troubleshooting can be challenging, due to the system's pump, relay, and multiple switches. Here, however, the focus is on how to manually raise a stuck roof to make the car drivable and protect the interior from the elements.

Begin by checking for the obvious causes like blown fuses and a discharged battery, once these have been checked and eliminated, the roof can be manually muscled back into its full upright and locked position. The job involves depressurizing the hydraulic cylinder to minimize resistance.

Then a person on each side of the roof can lift it up and push it forward until the roof contacts the windshield. A 5mm hex wrench check the toolbag in the trunk panel for one is used in the headliner screw to reel the latches into the windshield and lock the top in place.

The hydraulic cylinder has a pressure relief valve purple arrow. It's accessible through a removable cover in the trunk's right side panel panel removed here for photographic clarity; see the trunk panel removal article for details.

Unfortunately, the gold relief screw is difficult to see and access if the roof is DOA in the trunk. The valve takes a 5mm hex wrench, which is included in the factory tool caddy. Large Image Extra-Large Image. A bent side wing mechanism purple arrow appears to be the cause of this top's refusal to go all the way down. Enlist an assistant. Lift up equally on both sides of the roof panel. After the roof tops out, push it forward, toward the windshield. Pop the trim plug out of the headliner to reveal the manual latch screw.

Turn the screw inPicture 6 with a 5mm hex wrench until the latches seat and the roof seals to the windshield yellow arrow. Then replace the trim plug in the headliner. Tighten the hydraulic cylinder's relief screw purple arrow inPicture 1 so that the system will hopefully work once the underlying problem is solved.

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Hydraulic Pump Refill Kit Mercedes Benz SLK 230 320 R170 Hardtop Convertible AMG

Or, see what other questions readers have asked about this article All Search Everything. Need to buy parts for this project? Click here to order! Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Figure 5. Figure 6. Figure 7. I don't know of any other repair process. You can check with a local body shop as well for options. The roof is out of alignment, so will not close properly at this pointAll Search Everything. We've gathered a vast collection of useful articles to help you repair many items on your Mercedes.

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Mercedes-Benz SLK - The Vario roof of an SLK does not operate properly

Looking for a different Mercedes-Benz? New to working on your car? Not sure where the air filter is? Check out this simple article. Applies to: SLK R Worn drive belts.

how to lubricate slk roof

Here's some short instructions on this very basic of maintenance tasks. Frequent oil changes are perhaps the most important procedure you can do to maintain and prolong the life of your engine. Most common tasks need the car to be jacked up in the air.

But where should you place the jack, and what is the safest method of lifting it? Learn to identifying the various options your R may have and how to interpret them. Exhaust leaks are annoying, particularly at the exhaust manifold. Oil level in your dash no longer accurate? Swap that pesky sensor out in no time! Need access to the supercharger or exhaust manifold? First you have to remove the air intake duct.

A bad cam sensor can cause reduced engine power and a check engine light. Here's how to change it out in under 10 minutes. Crankshaft sensor fault code or an engine that won't start. We'll show you how to replace your crank sensor in this tech article. Over time the tensioner can fail to maintain the proper tension and the belt will start to slip.Turbine vents are those ubiquitous devices found on almost every residential rooftop.

Designed to maintain steady ventilation to attics, these devices are necessary to prevent mold and excessive heat buildup under the roof. Over time, these vents can become squeaky from moisture and age-related, natural degradation.

Fortunately, fixing the squeak is not too hard, allowing you to restore quiet operation of the vent. Extend your ladder, leaning it against a solid gutter or roof element.

how to lubricate slk roof

Ensure the ladder is situated on a solid, level surface. Recruit a helper if desired. Locate the turbine vent. Insert a small, wooden dowel to keep the turbine from spinning if it happens to be windy.

Find the primary pivot points on each blade, and the center pinion. Saturate the area on and around each point with the silicone lubricant. Allow the lubricant a few minutes to thoroughly penetrate. Wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. Wipe or spray the lithium grease in the same places where you applied the silicone.

The silicone cleans out moisture and corrosion, while the lithium offers longer-term lubrication. David Lipscomb is a professional writer and public relations practitioner. Lipscomb brings more than a decade of experience in the consumer electronics and advertising industries.

Lipscomb holds a degree in public relations from Webster University. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Warning Use caution around spinning turbine blades.

Fixing a squeaky turbine vent helps increase operational efficiency. Step 1 Extend your ladder, leaning it against a solid gutter or roof element.

Step 2 Locate the turbine vent. Step 3 Allow the lubricant a few minutes to thoroughly penetrate. Step 4 Wipe or spray the lithium grease in the same places where you applied the silicone. Step 5 Remove the wooden dowel and allow the turbine to spin, distributing the lubricants more evenly. Share this article.

David Lipscomb. Show Comments.Log in or Sign up. Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Messages: Likes Received: 25 Joined: Feb 2, Hi all, have an issue with the roof not opening on my slk, story is, i opened the roof to grease the mechanism and stopped it half way through its cycle for a few minutes, the decided that i would take a closer look online as what points exactly need lubricating so then closed the roof again after it had its cycle, which it closed ok, after i noted where to lubricate i came back out to find after switching the ignition on, the dreaded dash warning of VARIO ROOF VISIT WORKSHOP appeared on the dash, and since then it has not worked, i have disconnected the battery and still the warning comes up, i have an idea that maybe because it was stopped half way through its cycle it has messed the ecu up a bit??

Whereabouts are you? LostKiwiSep 25, Thanks Lostkiwi. I'm assuming you've already checked the basics - fuses and relays etc? John LaidlawOct 3, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 1, Joined: Nov 18, Location: france Your Mercedes: clk,sl with everything regrettably sold ,A class cdi auto. Thanks guys, my brother is going to bring star back and check the fuses then look at using a multimeter to check for issues, he says they rarely fail and thinks it may be fuse related or relay or worse case control unit, hopefully saturday now, luckily the roof is closed.

Excellent result! LostKiwiNov 6, Cheers Guys. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?The SLK's electro-hydraulic Vario convertible hard top is its marquee feature. It's also one of the car's most problematic systems.

If one link in the chain breaks down, the top either won't work or it stops mid-retraction. For the average SLK owner, top troubleshooting is possibly better left to the pros. The Vario Roof Diagnostic Aid manual is detailed and extensive. However, the average owner can separate the more-obvious problems from the complicated ones. It might save a trip to the dealership or shop.

First, make sure that the car's battery is fully charged before attempting top troubleshooting. If the battery reads at least If nothing happens when the switch is pulled and the switch doesn't illuminate, then it or its connections could be bad. Remove the rear center console please refer to that article to access the switch. Next, focus on the hydraulic pump unit's relay.

how to lubricate slk roof

Have an assistant pull the switch; feel the relay and listen for it to click when the switch is depressed. If it doesn't click, pull the relay and use a test light or a multi-meter to verify that power is being sent to the relay. If not, the switch or wiring between the switch and relay could be the problem. If power is going to the relay but it isn't clicking, either test or replace the relay Pelican M Relays are affordable, and having a spare is a good idea.

But even when the relay does click, sometimes it isn't making sufficient contact for full voltage to be sent to the hydraulic unit. Please see the article on relay testing for additional details. Simply replacing the relay sometimes solves the problem.

If the top works but is getting progressively slower, check the fluid level in the hydraulic pump. The fluid line should be visible through the access door on the trunk's right rear side.

If it's low, add approved hydraulic fluid M36 for a liter bottle until the level is in the acceptable range. Greasing the hinges with spray lube and applying dressing to the weatherstripping will also help keep the Vario system in tip-top operating condition.

Most of those parts can be repaired somewhat affordably. Unfortunately, new hydraulic pumps are expensive. Hopefully that isn't your problem. The trunk cover blind switch on the right side panel needs to be triggered if the cover is retracted or removed.

A zip-tie can be used to actuate the switch. We removed the entire side panel for clarity. Please see the trunk panel removal article for details. Large Image Extra-Large Image. Listen and feel the hydraulic pump's relay arrow for a click when the top's switch is pulled.

The relay is accessible through the removable door in the trunk's right-side cover panel.