Dx2 reroll guide

Abusing the account creation process for rerolling is frowned upon by Cygames. Don't overdo it. Gmail accounts are highly recommended for rerolling because they can use saltswhich basically allows you to use the same e-mail multiple times for registration. For example, if your Gmail account name was name gmail.

Any e-mails sent to a salted e-mail will be redirected to the email without the salt used, so in the previous example, any mail sent to any version of the email address would all be sent to name gmail. NOTE: Mobage sends a lot of e-mail spam, so you may want to avoid using a primary e-mail address for your Granblue Fantasy account. You can unsubscribe from emails, but it requires logging into Mobage from a mobile device or forcing your browser to emulate a mobile device via Developer's Tools.

See this for details. This tutorial assumes you are using Google Chrome or another Chromium-based browser for rerolling, as it is the easiest method to use.

The date you create your account is important for the Beginner's Draw Set offer. The characters available on the draw set is based the characters available on the banner at the time the account was created. For example, an account created during Premium Gala can buy any Grand or Zodiac character with this offer. Due to Japanese law, accounts with birth dates under the age of 20 have a monthly in-app purchase limit of 10, JPY Japanese yen.

dx2 reroll guide

If you plan on spending more than 10, JPY per month, make sure you enter a birth date of at least 20 years. You cannot change your birth date once you submit it. If you start an account through the mobile app Android or iOSyou have an option to play as a "guest" account officially called a "Mobage basic account" which lets you skip the registration process and instead associate your account to your device.

You also cannot log into your Granblue account through the browser or other devices until a mobage account or social media account is connected. First, it is strongly advised to play through the tutorial at least once. This tutorial is useful because it visually guides you through which buttons to press to do things like attack, use skills, equip weapons, and auto-select your weapon pool with optimal stats. The whole tutorial does take a while, but you can skip it on later rerolls to save time on the following steps.

Note that the tutorial draw is rigged to always give nine N-rarity items and Walder. Premium Draw Ticket s have better yield and are less time-consuming to acquire, while JDA Magazine codes require entering serial codes and they draw from a fixed pool of prizes that are not affected by draw rate boosts.

Obviously, keep any accounts that obtain characters you like. Very few characters in the game are outright bad, and it is simply a question of whether you are aiming for power over favoritism. Aiming to get an SSR of any kind is useful to start because of their high raw stats and rarity, and using the reroll opportunity to obtain one is the basic goal of rerolling in the first place. For a brief character rating and overview, visit the Character Tier List page. When rerolling in Granblue Fantasy, it is important to understand that certain characters and summons are exclusive to a certain time frame, and some characters and summons cannot be purchased with a Surprise Ticket or Beginner's Draw Set.

Some of these exclusives are extremely powerful for a new account and may be worth keeping even if they are not a character you want. Other than that, it is recommended to keep all accounts with SSR characters and summons, as you can continue to build those accounts with more free rolls and Crystals distributed during events.

Because of the low rates for SSR draws from rolls, it is common to end up with nothing but R draws. Don't lose heart as this process can be streamlined and rerolls can be done very quickly once you get used to it.

Depending on what you got, you have two options:. If for some reason you have logged into the game with the wrong account, or want to change accounts, either delete all cookies from mbga. From Granblue Fantasy Wiki. Categories : Guides Starting. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 18 Octoberat A popular event is also a common time to start a new account. Whether you are a completely new player or simply want to start over and experience the game again, rerolling an account until you get a Servant combination you like is generally an excellent idea.

Rerolling is the act of starting a new account, using up the resources that are immediately available during the tutorial, and attempting to roll for the best possible combination. Completing the first tutorial will allow 1 full tutorial roll and a single roll with 3 quartz the summoning currency on any banner.

However, during campaigns which immediately grant a new account plenty of additional quartz, rerolling becomes far more easy and lucrative. An option available to every single player, no matter when, is rerolling the contents of the tutorial gacha. During the obligatory tutorial roll, a new Master only has access to 10 Servants. What is essential here is which Servants you roll and how many Servants you roll. Ideally, the tutorial roll will result in at least one of your preferred Servants from the tutorial selection.

If you are unsure which Servants are great, a short summary is as follows:. After completing the tutorial gacha, a new Master must complete one more quest to unlock the summoning screen.

Normally, at this stage, there will be 1 more quartz in the gift box. With the 2 quartz previously collected during the tutorial, it is possible to do a single roll on whichever gacha is active. Rerolling with this few quartz is an exercise in frustration and is definitely not recommended. TL;DR : Rerolling with 3 quartz is possible but extremely time consuming and mind numbing. During some special events, a new player can receive much more additional quartz. Even a bit of extra quartz can significantly reduce the tedium of rerolling.

When such a campaign is active the process of rerolling becomes more complex. The tutorial gacha should still be paid attention to, and exploited, but the single rolls on the normal summoning banners are much more important.

At this stage, which banner to roll on becomes important as well.

7DS Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Reroll Guide

Usually, there is at least one banner going on with rate-up Servants. Servants with a rate up are far more likely to appear, or perhaps even available for only a limited amount of time. Check the summon information in the corner of the summoning screen to see what the current Servants on rate-up are. What is always available is the story summoning banner which includes all non-limited and story-unlocked Servants.For those unfamiliar. Rerolling is another word for starting completely over.

There are different reasons why players want to reroll, including wanting to choose a new starter, rerolling for better ships in the beginning, or simply wanting to play the game from the beginning once again. Notice, it is possible to save your old progress so you can always go back and play on your old account. In short, there are two ways to reroll in Azur Lane. The first method is by simply exiting the game, deleting the app from your device and reinstalling it.

If you want to keep your current progress before you reroll, lock it to a Facebook account, Twitter account, or an Email through Yostar. The second method for rerolling is by changing server. When you open it again, choose another than the one you are currently playing on through the login screen. This enables you to start from scratch on a new server while keeping your old progress on the original server.

There are two different ways to reroll in Azur Lane. Each of these methods has its pros and cons, so choose whichever you like.

dx2 reroll guide

To reroll in Azur Lane using the uninstall-method, simply close the game and uninstall the app. Notice, using this method will delete your current progress if you do not save it. Furthermore, it takes longer to reroll using this method than the second one, as the file size of Azur Lane is more than 1GB.

The second method you can use to reroll in Azur Lane is the server switch-method. To reroll using this method, go to the home screen on your phone, close the application, and open it back up or press log out under settings.

Instead, click change server and choose another server than the one your current progress is on. Servers you have progress on have a little character icon next to it, as you can see in the image below. If you wish to play on your old progress, just switch back to the server you used to play on. However, if you want to play on a specific server because your friends are there etc.

Additionally, there is only a limited number of servers, and thereby times you can reroll.

dx2 reroll guide

Chances are some of you want to save your current progress before rerolling so you can go back to your old account in the future. Luckily, this is easily achieved with the bind account feature in Azur Lane. Before binding your account, your progress is only locally saved on your device, which is why binding your account is a good idea no matter what.As the game might be overwhelming to beginners, here are game mechanics to bear in mind when you start:. Fusion will be one of the primary ways for you to get new demons in the game.

As you may have noticed from playing for a bit, you will will be able to recruit them through convincing them in dialogue, but what should you do if you have dupes? This is where the fusion system comes into play and just as the case in other SMT and Persona games, you will be able to fuse together two or more later demons together to create a new one altogether.

If you find yourself struggling to convince monsters to join your cause, there is nothing a bit of money cannot fix. Of course, there is no real need to shell out real world cash for it, unless you want to of course, as you will be able to farm for it to summon new demons to your party. As you engage in conversation with certain monsters, you will notice they are not the most friendly of creatures, as some are downright hostile or just callous. In such situations, you will need to change the way you speak to such demons, and in some cases, joking around or being aggressive back might just do the trick in convincing them.

Weaknesses and resistances has always been part of the core gameplay element of any SMT game, and it is no different here. As you engage in combat, you will be able to see what the demons you face are weak to or strong against. Understanding and exploiting this information will be key to victory.

The data will be available to you if you had previously summoned the demon in question, so be sure to take that in account when you face enemies of the same type in future encounters. Once you have gotten demons, they are not at their full potential at the start, so even if you get the best ones, there is much work involved in making them number one. Speak to the Shrine Maiden, and you will be able to feed your demons with rare items or other demons to make them stronger. Ideally, you want a strong demon right off the bat, but if you get something that is less than the best, there is always this option for you to give them a leg up.

July 29, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. If you like our content, please support us by subscribing to our Youtube channel! Discussion about this post. Related Posts. Another Eden and DanMachi backgrounds available to use for your video calls!If you're here, that probably means you're looking for more information on how to get started, or you're keeping this bookmarked for its various resources. All of these are down below. In this game you summon various deities and mythological creatures as demons of various rarities and use them to progress in the game by fighting other demons.

Your team is composed of a Liberator and four demons. Dx2 is a complex game with many mechanics but the in-game tutorials will introduce you these concepts at a steady rate. Below is a list of actions beginners should absolutely avoid doing. However they should not be performed by beginners under any circumstances. This is an excellent banner for newbies. But you do want to do the full 6 Steps as Yositsune is an incredible asset.

Moreover he is not a fusable demon see Sections below for info on fusion and thus would be quite hard to obtain if not for this Step Up. It means you need to gather gems in 2 weeks or less. All of this should be more than enough to go through early PvE. There exists 2 other notable special deals for new players. As you progress in the game you will unlock more Liberator.

Liberators level up and you can unlock different skills using skill points specific to Liberators. A max level Liberator will have enough skill points to unlock all of his or her skills so you do not have to worry too much about which skills to unlock. Special Dx2 Quests must be completed to allow each Liberator to reach their max level. The different Liberators are:. You should build as many demons as you can to make use of different party setups for content.

You can check the Tier List to know which demons are worth your time, but once you learn how to build demons, you can make almost anything work. Be sure to check the Demons and the Rates by pressing the i-Button on the top left of the banner! Fusing demons will be your most used method of getting better demons at the beginning.

You need two demons with at least one of them being a Common archetype and some Magnetite another in-game currency and you will be able to fuse a new demon. But a lot of very powerful demons and basically nearly all new demons are non-fusable demons and must be Summoned. In other words, fusing a fusable 5 stars require a lot of grinding.

If the site is in a language you cannot understand, locate the 'Setting' option and select your desired language. Besides rarity, demons have grades, and that determines how they behave in fusion as in what combination of demons you need to get another; higher grade demons fuse into high grades.

Fusion of high grade demons are initially locked.

SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy For Beginners

You need to increase your player level to unlock them:. Considering the initial Inventory and Storage spaces start kind of low, you will quickly be overrun by demons after a few Summons.

There is no 'order' that things must be done with, you can do things in whatever order you'd like. However, it's recommended to complete content on the training missions at the home page because it provides freebies such as Macca, Magnetite, and Gems.

Beginners No Rerolling Necessary! Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation

To get towards late game, we need to make our demons stronger. Several things can be done to make our demons stronger, which are in order of priority :. What you should focus on really depends on what demons you already have, but here is a list of Cheap early - mid game demons as well as their optimal Archetype:.

Main Page for more information and further reading: Leveling. PvE contents grant EXP points. However in order to level up demons, the best way is to use "Leveling Quests".Digimon ReArise is now available globally! As with all gacha games, some characters are significantly stronger than others. The process of creating new accounts until you have one or more exceptional characters, also known as rerolling, will be beneficial to you, especially in the beginning. This is a step-up banner, meaning that each subsequent summon will cost more DigiRubies the premium currency of Digimon ReArise than the previous step.

The increased cost is balanced out by a higher number of summons and guaranteed bonuses. For this step-up summon, there are a total of five steps. Completing Step 5 earns you MetalGreymon, which can Digivolve into one of the best Digimon currently available.

I highly recommend that you summon at least five times on this banner, but the final decision is yours. Awesome, you know how to reroll now, but what exactly are you rerolling for? You should aim for Digimon that can Digivolve into Megas. The easiest way to tell if a Digimon has a Mega form is by examining the orb that it came from. All Digimon that were pulled from rainbow colored orbs can Digivolve in Megas.

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Epic Seven Reroll Guide

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Rerolling Install the app from the App Store. Select your language and name these can be changed later. Complete Act 1. Wait for a large amount of game files to download. You can choose to restart at this point, but I only recommend doing that if you have no interest in the step-up summon. Skip to Step 11 if you wish to reset here. Complete through of the Main Story.You can backup your data, uninstall, reinstall, and see what you get.

But no one wants to do that. So we're going to look at using Nox to reroll, as well as what to look for while rerolling. When you start the game, you'll get a guaranteed 4-Star demon and a banner for a 3- to 5-Star demon.

Reroll Guide

But as you can guess, pulling a 5-Star demon isn't the only reason to reroll, with pulling more powerful initial 4-Stars and getting better Archetypal colors coming into play. Let's look at the fastest way to reroll.

First, you're going to download Nox on your PC. If you've ever downloaded a program from the internet, you should know how to run the install file and set everything up. After that, enter the email and password linked to your account and agree to the Nox ToS.

You can skip the payment screen. There's a consensus that even if you're rerolling 80 accounts, you can stop if you get certain 5-Star demons, such as:. However, many players know that Archetypes can be more important to look for than Star Level.

The different archetypes are:. Almost every Archetype's awakened states deal some type of damage, although there are some Demons, such as Metatron, who have restorative Archetype skills when awakened. That's all you need to know about rerolling in Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2and what to look for when doing it. As with any gacha game, the amount of times you reroll is really up to you, your playstyle, and whether you're playing PvE or PvP.

Got any tips on rerolling or which Demons players should be on the lookout for? Let us know in the comments! Jonathan Moore Editor in Chief. Published Sep. Xbox Articles.