Bnha sero x reader lemon tumblr

Kirishima is laying on the couch, half asleep after coming back from a rough battle. You are doing the dishes, cleaning up after dinner.

You look back at where Kirishima is. You smile, thinking that sometimes he works a little too hard. After finishing up the dishes you make your way towards him, leaning over the couch to look at his face. You stroke a lock of hair out of it. You pull his arm. Just sit in the bath, I will clean you and everything. Kirishima quickly gets off the couch after you say that.

You start taking off your top and jeans.

bnha sero x reader lemon tumblr

Kirishima just stands and stares so you raise an eyebrow at him and point your finger up and down at him. You turn your attention back to the bath which is now filled and hot so you turn off the faucet. Kirishima comes up behinds you, completely naked. You blush a little at seeing him but move aside so he can get in. Kirishima gets in the bath, letting out a sigh.

You get into the bath and do exactly what he asked. You lean your back against his chest and turn your head, giving him a kiss.

He moves your hair to the side and starts kissing your neck. You sigh, enjoying him pampering you. Soon though you feel his boner poking against your butt, making you gasp. He whines and puts his hands on your breasts. Kirishima starts rubbing your breasts, making you stop laughing and instead moaning.

He teases your nipples and gropes you harshly.Originally posted by kingshouto. The girls had practically begged you to wear it since they swore on her life you looked gorgeous in it so you gave in and put it on.

They had attacked you outside your room telling you that they had planned a pool party. They brought you a beautiful one piece with a low back almost too low, but you found it cute and they did buy it for you so you slipped it on and followed the girls group to the pool outside. As you walked out Mineta whistled and you flipped him off, honestly done with him forever. He just stood there in the water staring at you until Kirishima pulled his foot pulling him under.

You giggled seeing Denki come back up tackling Kirishima. You walked over to the snack counter pouring yourself a drink while Mina said she would set up the chairs near the deep end. She rubbed it on as some of the guys watched goofing off in the pool. A single not pink pool noodle floated in the water as the boys wrestled over it, Denki giving up as Bakugou took it, glancing at you.

| plain | sero hanta X reader

Mina grinned as she snuck up behind you shoving you into the pool. You gasped while giggling as she tossed you in, the water sending a pleasant chill covering you. As everyone started laughing as you came up. You shook around your hair which had come undone as it glistened in the sun. Denki sighed as he watched you get out of the pool and walk towards the counter following your lead and getting out sitting by the pool edge to see you better.

Sero had known his friend liked you and he saw him staring at you the entire time since you arrived, so he decided to put a theory of his to the test. You swallowed hard before nodding and he took your hand gently before leading you into the hallway leading towards the pool. Before you could say anything more he slammed his lips onto yours as he kissed you passionately. You immediately kissed back as he tapped your thigh causing you to jump and wrap your legs around his waist.

He pushed you up against the wall still attacking your lips with his own before moving to your neck. Leaving small love bites as he went along. He sighed. You had beat Bakugou at the UA festival a year ago and he still had a grudge.

Your quirk was that you could seduce men and control them. You had made him knock himself out with a blast to the head.Her breaths were ragged as she hauled herself up yet another set of stairs. She haphazardly clutched her books to her chest, unsure if they were even the correct ones.

She closed her eyes and tried to brace herself for the impact. Sero heard the pounding footsteps of someone running up the stairs and turned to see who it was. He thought he was the last one out of the dorms, falling tardy due to staying up late the previous night. He opened his mouth to greet her, but instead watched as the poor girl tripped over the last step, sailing toward the floor.

Hawks x Listener (I’m A Big fan) [thank you so much on 624 subs!]

He moved before he realised he did, skidding onto his knees and wrapping his arms around her. Her books and pens clattered to the floor. The first thing Sero noticed was how cold she was. Only wearing her thin white shirt. Just a… really rough morning. He took a sharp breath, gently taking hold of her shoulder. Purple bruises littered her face.

Why do you have bruises?

bnha sero x reader lemon tumblr

The girl quirked a brow. I get them from training every day. Calm down. What do you mean you always have them? Hiding injuries was never good. The girl cast her gaze downward.

Sero quickly removed his own blazer, draping it over her shoulders. He smiled at her. How was this girl still functioning? She seemed to snap herself out of her daze. Please just… forget this. After he sat there staring for a few seconds, he jumped to his feet, waving his hands before him.

He watched her go, squinting at her retreating figure.Originally posted by sajoou-moved. Some writers have mentioned their own characters having issues to deal with abuse and such, but never truly delve deeper into it until necessary for plot.

I want to focus on healing from these circumstances. Keep reading. Originally posted by mizar Aww is this Denki and Shinso? I absolutely love it! Keep up the great work and thanks for submitting some art! I sincerely hope you understand that I am just not comfortable with these topics. But also feel free to read them as an X Reader! The commission was not a good place. This was fact, fact that very few knew.

Kai knew this and swore to himself that he was going to get himself out of there. When he met his sister, that promise only extended to her. And even then, the question of their safety hangs over their head like a dark cloud.

Kai has to ask at that point, where they ever going to be safe? Overhaul never happened and instead, Kai had a little sister and their mom sold them to the commission, but Kai is a good big brother and gave them the chance to be safe once and for all. Birdcage keys Masterlist. Overall Masterlist. Posts Likes Following Shoot me an ask! Submit some art!

bnha sero x reader lemon tumblr

Dabi x Omega! Reader I. Touya Todoroki x reader Originally posted by sajoou-moved Dabi would not stumble upon you on purpose. Oh no. You would stop to most likely tie your shoe or pick up a coin- most likely the latter He would trip over you. And as he would turn to growl, he would just… pause.

He snarled- duh- his sharp canines showing as his already burnt smell continued to grow more and more as he tried intimidating you. Occasionally stopping every now and again to rub your thumb over the staples piercing his skin. He swore if it did, his inner alpha might just straight up die. And it almost did when a voice called your angelic name. He spent weeks looking for you until finally, he found you. You were wiping down tables in a corner cafe when you spotted him.

Your cheeks immediately erupted in red as you rushed up to him, quickly bowing. Tears welled in your eyes as you were deadass terrified of what this alpha would do to you. He only chuckled before crouching below you, introducing himself as Dabi.

And everyday after that.Originally posted by corgi. Summary: You never knew that you actually had a soulmate, but when you found out who it was you regretted being a clumsy person. You ran as fast as you could to get to the train station hoping to still be able to catch it on time. For some reason today was starting on the right foot, you could have sworn you had set the alarm on at the time as always. However, it was proved otherwise when your little sister woke you up.

Aizawa to see you get there late. Suddenly your foot then got stuck on a crack by the train making you tumble forward and landing on your face. You needed to pay more attention where you went and what your feet stepped on. It was bad enough your legs were covered in bruises and scratches. Slowly you managed to get up, you winced at the stinging feeling that began to surround your knee.

Another day another scratch. The stinging you felt was a little less bad, still, the pain was there. You were able to get to school without any scratches or tripping over anything else. But can you please not mention it to anyone else? Aizawa will be on your tail about it. Your mind kept going back to the thoughts about them, what would they look like?

Would they actually feel something for me if they met me? If they took a good look at the scars I cost them would they really love me? Sero looked down at his knee feeling a sudden burning sensation, once he lifted the sleeve of his pants he saw a red scar on his knee.

bnha sero x reader lemon tumblr

I keep waking up with such mysterious bruises. Each morning they either get worse or they disappear by themselves. Open your eyes. Bruises are so manly! It was Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari now all you had to do was figure out who it is and try to hide your bruises next time.His best form has all come at Cheltenham but the impression he gives is that this contest full of front runners will suit his strong travelling style.

Needs a little more but is open to further progression. Ran okay on his return, this will have been the plan over the summer to come back to this contest. Rising twelve and faces competition for the lead but not totally discounted.

Dug deep to win the Badger Ales Chase at Wincanton last time but will face even more competition for the lead here which makes his task tough.

Looked a potential star when dotting up over hurdles at this meeting in 2015, his form since has been inconsistent. Plenty of front runners in here so will have to work hard to get the run of the race. Shown little since sent into handicap company, it would be a surprise if he were good enough to figure at the business end.

That will be a huge asset given the number of front runners in the race, but whether he has the cruising speed to take advantage is a doubt. This is another step up the ladder with the ground looking softer than ideal for him.

He is a dour stayer so this test is going to be perfect for him and as Nigel Twiston-Davies' charity bet, he needs each way consideration.

Connections replace cheekpieces with first time blinkers, he should have the race run to suit with a strong pace on. Fourth in the Kim Muir when hampered, he stays this trip and acts on soft ground, looks a little overpriced.

He has first time blinkers fitted replacing cheekpieces and didn't run as badly as pulled up suggests in the Badger Ales Chase but needs plenty more if he is to take home this prize. All three of his wins have come right handed which is a slight concern, but he will get the strong pace to aim at here which he needs. Whether he will go though with his effort if he gets to the front however is another thing entirely.

Each week during the NFL season, theScore's Dane Belbeck will handicap every matchup and offer up a three-pack of picks. Week 9 record (includes TNF pick): 6-7-1Overall: 77-67-2In a shocking move earlier in the week, the Bills benched Tyrod Taylor in favor of Nathan Peterman following the team's horrific showing last week.

For the former Pitt standout's first start, Buffalo heads west to face the Chargers and their dominant pass-rushing duo of Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. Philip Rivers was a full participant in practice Thursday despite remaining in concussion protocol, but all signs point to him being able to play Sunday.

That should mean a comfortable win for the home team. Chargers 27, Bills 10A 10. Reid is 16-2 in his career as a head coach when coming off a bye, and that record looks good to hit 17-2 against the lowly Giants. New York got blown out by the previously winless 49ers last week, and it appears the remaining games on the schedule will be the last under Ben McAdoo. Chiefs 30, Giants 13The Patriots look downright unbeatable of late, but the Raiders have had an extra week to prepare for the contest in Mexico City thanks to their bye.

While New England has shored up its pass defense, they're still able to be picked apart in the right scheme.

ᵕ꒳ᵕ — Pool Party Denki x reader

Look for Derek Carr to find Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree early and often, and the Raiders to ride out of Mexico City with a massive win. Raiders 30, Patriots 28It's going to be windy and cold Sunday in Chicago and the Lions have the league's fourth-worst rushing offense.

Look for a low-scoring affair in which the Bears' rushing attack will thrive. Bears 20, Lions 17A team with Blake Bortles as quarterback is favored on the road by more than a touchdown. The Browns are bad, but this is too many points. Jaguars 24, Browns 20Thanks to the bye, the Ravens have had two weeks to prepare for a Brett Hundley-led offense. That doesn't bode well for the Packers. Ravens 24, Packers 17Taking Ryan Fitzpatrick on the road may not be sage betting advice regularly, but the Dolphins look to be a complete disaster.Amazon Web Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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