Bmw e90 oil leak

Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 BMW E92 d oil leak. Hi all, First time using this so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place. Bought a E92 d with 70K mileage off a private seller last week. Drove less than miles in the car when I took it for wheel alignment and thought I'd take a look at the bottom of the car.

Turns out there was a whole load of fresh engine oil on the floor cover so I took it to a mechanic who had a look and said he can't see what the source of the leak is.

A large portion of the starter motor was covered in oil which he wiped off. He also said my rear diff was leaking but that he thought that was a minor job compared to the other leak. When I got home, I noticed the oil level had dropped to just over the "min" mark on the dipstick so I topped it up with 1ltr of oil and it went all the way up to the "max" mark.

There was also a small pool of oil on the floor where I was parked for about an hour. I am planning on taking the car elsewhere for a second opinion on the weekend.

Does what I have been told by the first mechanic make sense? Any ideas what the issue could be based on that limited info? Anyone else experienced a similar leak in the past? If so, what was the issue and how much did it cost to rectify? Would it be safe for me to drive about miles to and back from the second garage in the current condition provided that I regularly keep on top of the oil to make sure it doesn't dip below the "min" level.

When I was driving home from the garage, the engine seemed a bit louder than usual, almost like a tractor. I checked the oil level but it was fine.

The BMW manual says to check the oil level when the car has been driven for about 6 miles and then cooled down for about 5 mins. Am I being paranoid or could there be another issue causing the engine to sound louder than normal if the oil level is fine? Please advise what the best thing would be for me to do. It seems obvious that the previous owner sold it to me fully aware of this issue as I have literally barely covered miles the car but as it's a private sale, I don't think I have any rights.

Leaking diff. Locknut posts 89 months. I had an E90, d that was covered in oil underneath but it was my fault! I did an oil and filter change on the car and when I put back the cap on the filter housing the rubber ring got twisted and out of position.The valve cover gasket is one of the most common places to have an oil leak on your BMW E If you have an oil leak down the exhaust side or front of your engine, start at the top and replace the valve cover gasket.

When the valve cover gasket leaks, it can create quite a mess and seem much worse than it is. Engine oil can also leak into spark plug hole in cylinder head, contaminating the ignition coil. You will have to repair the oil leak and clean or replace the ignition coil. Inspect valve cover once gasket has been removed. They can crack from heat or impact. If you find a crack, you will have to replace valve cover.

BMW E90 Oil Pan Gasket - Can you do it yourself? - Tips, Tools, DIY, Torque Specs

The valvetronic motor gasket can also leak. This leak usually fills the center top of valve cover with engine oil. If you have a BMW E90 with a metal valve cover, you will have to replace the valve cover fasteners each time you remove them. Remove engine covers. See our tech article on engine cover removing. Disconnect negative battery cable. See our tech article on battery replacing notes. Also see our tech article on Valvetronic Motor Replacing. Working at front of radiator support, remove two T20 Torx fasteners from the intake duct.

Large Image Extra-Large Image. Working at intake air duct connection on air filter housing, using a small flathead screwdriver, release retaining tabs on each side and pull duct off. Normally-aspirated engine shown.BMW continues to show that it sets the bar for true driving performance!

View My Garage. Hey guys new to the forum, i have noticed a lot of oil collect on the under tray for about a month now on my I yes i should of took it to a garage sooner the on board computer says it has maximum oil level so it cant be loosing a lot, i can see oil on the bottom of the engine at the front and no physical leaks coming from top or sides of engine.

Remove Advertisements. Oil leaks just have to be traced. Normal way is to take a pressure wash and clean off the existing oil, then start checking regularly to see where it emerges. I agree that if your oil level isn't dropping enough to be a problem, you can take your time and watch it. You're not going to hurt anything by losing a bit of oil slowly as long as you keep checking it and don't let it get too low. Thanks alot will remove under tray and jet wash it all down on the weekend and keep an eye out, ive read up that these models have vacuum pump issues of some sort.

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bmw e90 oil leak

Is this something to do with the gearbox then? Would i get any warnings that the oil is low?? Thanks i have this tuesday off so will take it into the garage, the whole underneath is pretty much covered in oil which is a bit worrying and hard to tell, thanks for your help and knowledge. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Advertise with bimmerfest. All rights reserved. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools.

Common Oil Leaks on BMWs

Find all threads started by DanVinnieJones. Find all posts by DanVinnieJones. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Find all threads started by Pilgrim. Find all posts by Pilgrim. Add Pilgrim to Your Ignore List. Quote: Originally Posted by DanVinnieJones Hey guys new to the forum, i have noticed a lot of oil collect on the under tray for about a month now on my I yes i should of took it to a garage sooner the on board computer says it has maximum oil level so it cant be loosing a lot, i can see oil on the bottom of the engine at the front and no physical leaks coming from top or sides of engine.

Find all threads started by dallas Find all posts by dallas Add dallas70 to Your Ignore List.Remember Me? Dear E90'rs, I am in dire need of some help here please One owner car, with ,KM [87, miles] on the odometer. This was purchased just a few weeks ago, when I looked at the car, it seemed in a good used condition.

Drove great and there weren't any red flags with it. I did notice some oil around engine bay at the lot, but the private dealer I bought it from claimed it was just a rust protection and nothing else to be alarmed about. Two or three days ago, when topping up windshield washer fluid, I noticed what you see below in the pictures. Been looking around on google and religiously went over posts in this forum; seems like its a valve cover gasket leaking?

I purchased the car with an intention of keeping it for the next few years. Now you guys are experts May I please kindly know what you think is going on here??? I'd appreciate any and every input and will take it up with the dealer accordingly.

Is this normal? Do I have a storm brewing? Thank you much. Here are the pictures I snapped just a few minutes ago to give you an idea. Appreciate 0. First Lieutenant. I think your car is fine. It certainly would not hurt to have the valve cover gasket addressed while you are under the period warranty though.

While the substance on the hood, fenders and front brace does look dubious, I'd be willing to bet your dealer is right in that some form of anti-corrosion agent was liberally applied. To me it looks like cosmoline and although visually unappealing, it shouldn't really hurt anything.

Good luck and enjoy your new ride. Thank you kindly for taking the time to reply Clifton. So it seems normal? I thought the site of above pictures would be horrendous for you guys! The engine bay seems drenched in oil. Don't know what my car did to deserve this torture from the previous owner. Any other input? That is not normal by any means, no no no You have a very bad leaking valve cover gasket, I wouldn't be surprised if your oil filter gasket is leaking.BMW owners have reported 18 problems related to engine oil leaking under the engine and engine cooling category.

The most recently reported issues are listed below. Tl the contact owns a BMW i. The contact stated that the vehicle was taken to roadshow BMW located at n. Germantown pkwycordova, TNfor an oil change. The contact was informed of an oil leak at the oil filter housing gasket. The vehicle was repaired. The contact was then informed that the vacuum pump also showed evidence of a leak. The contact referenced the failure to 13v service brakes, hydraulic and 14v service brakes hydraulic however, the VIN was not included.

The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The approximate failure mileage wasSee all problems of the BMW Oil leave valve cover mileage at 50, miles. Valve cover leaking oil which is running down on motor and could start a fire. The contact stated that he drove the vehicle and parked the vehicle however, returned to the vehicle after an hour notices smoke coming from the engine compartment.

Minneapolis Auto Repair

Within two minutes flames were seen coming from under the hood. The fire department was called and extinguished the fire. A fire department report was filed. The vehicle was towed to a friend's residence and approximately 3 days later the manufacturer retrieved the vehicle to do an investigation which took two months.

The determination was that the vehicle had an oil leak which caused the fire. The contact was referencing the failure to NHTSA campaign number: 17v engine and engine cooling. Tl- the contact owns a BMW i. The contact stated that upon starting her vehicle, oil had began to leak as the low oil pressure oil light had illuminated. The contact took the vehicle to an independent mechanic where the vehicle was had a defective plastic cover on the oil filter, which cased the engine to leak.

The manufacturer was notified of the matter and informed her that they were unaware of the matter. The vehicle had not been repaired.

The failure mileage wasUnknown oil leak started around 75k. Noticed it in my garage.

bmw e90 oil leak

I've only had this car for 2 years. There's a leaking coming from the engine bay area I replace the valve cover gasket but that hasn't stop the smoke coming out of the car I've seen in several BMW forums that owners of 3 series have complain about these and the two major problems that cause this is 1. The valve cover gasket or the turbo oil lines the oil get into the catalyst converter and start smoking and heating and this might cause a fire while you are driving or coming to a complete stop.Original Poster.

Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 E90 oil leak. PinkRinse Original Poster posts months. Tomorrow I'm going to give the area a good clean and run the engine to see where it might be coming from, but is there anything that springs to mind? I'll take a before picture as well but the worst is a big dribble from the filler cap, down the side of the block and then a lot of spray all around the area immediately to the left so concentrated in the LHS corner.

Likely sources: vanos solenoid seals, cam cover gasket, eccentric shaft sensor seal, vacuum pump, vacuum pump seal, oil filter o ring, oil filter housing. Here are pictures of the oily bay. My wife had something similar on her i, and it was actually the oil filler cap or it's gasket that was leaking.

bmw e90 oil leak

Quite common apparently. She thought the car was going to catch fire. Looks like cam cover gasket, vacuum pump and seal and vanos solenoid seals. I'd change the eccentric shaft sensor seal too while it's apart. Steve - that makes sense from the way you can see the oil seems to have spilled or glooped out from the filler but we did look at it and it seemed to be ok.

Helix - thanks.

bmw e90 oil leak

I'll pass that on to my dad when he takes it to the garage.I am taking my car to the dealer THIS time to replace the oil pan gasket which was discovered to be leaking at the last oil change miles ago.

It has been getting worse as I can smell burnt oil most of the time at startup.

E90 320 oil leak

An indy informed me at the last oil change it was leaking and eventually needed replacing. It is almost an all day job and thank goodness I still have an extended warranty expiring within a miles so getting it done ASAP. Also the dealer provides a loaner lol. Is this leak a common issue? On another note the main reason I bought the extended warranty was the water pump typically failing between K miles.

Well guess what? No fail or at least not yet lol. However, the warranty has paid for itself otherwise. Yes it is, mine was done at 59, miles. I think the dealer charged themselves The leak was located during the pre purchase inspection by the dealer.

Oil leaks become a problem on all vehicles Most people just figure you can buy a lot of oil for Most people just figure you can buy a lot of oil for Then the garage caught fire, totaling the E Problem solved.

Not a particularly desirable option, though. I'm looking at having to do that down the line here as well. Mine might be worse than others though; xDrive here, so to get at the oil pan, everything needs to come out of the bottom, the differentials, the subframe, etc.

The only way to get any true cost savings is finding someone that doesn't charge a huge amount per hour in labor. Given a long enough timeline, every car that I've seen past a certain age develops leaks and worn out items.

Heck, one of the most reliable cars that most of might know would be an early 90's era Toyota Camry. Seen one of those still driving around that had massive amounts of leaks. Like, at least a quart of oil per week missing. She never needed an oil change simply because it was constantly getting new oil every week. The leaks were never repaired as it likely would have costed more than what the car was worth to fix, but it still drove all the way down to the salvage yard when it was finally put to rest.

I agree that many cars will have an oil leak every now and then, but and that's a big but, I think it is a common issue for this gasket to fail on the n54 engine.