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The SteelSeries Arctis 7 sets the standard for what a wireless gaming headset should be: functional, versatile and practical. The SteelSeries Arctis has been on our list of the best gaming headsets ever since it first launched.

The only headset with similar versatility is the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless. However, the Arctis 1 Wireless doesn't have the same comfortable elastic headband or premium sound as the Arctis 7, making the Arctis 7 a better overall investment for the PC and the PS4. If you're going to pay a premium for a wireless gaming headset, it should sound great, of course, but it should also be comfortable, work with as many devices as possible and look stylish.

While you'll have to rely on a few annoying work-arounds to make use of every feature, the Arctis 7 sets the standard for what the best gaming headsets should be: functional, versatile and practical.

Read on in our full SteelSeries Arctis 7 review to learn what we thought. At the time of this update, the headset is sold out at most retailers, and suppliers such as Amazon, Gamestop and SteelSeries itself are awaiting new stock. Neither store seems to have the white model in stock, though. You can also find the SteelSeries Arctis 7 through third-party sellers on Newegg, eBay and Amazon, but I wouldn't recommend that option.

The prices on the headset are artificially high, and the product isn't discontinued. Prices will return to normal, given some time. As you can see in our review of the SteelSeries Arctis 5the appearance of the Arctis 7 is nearly identical. The headset is sleek and sophisticated, with an elegant, streamlined appearance and an absolutely foolproof adjustable headband. Rather than having to monkey around with rigid extendable rods, you just adjust two Velcro straps, and the flexible headband will conform to your head's size and shape.

Past that, the Arctis 7 comes in either black or white, and there's nothing in particular to draw the eye. You could easily wear the headset on the subway without getting a second glance, and while the Arctis 7 is a bit bigger than a standard set of audio headphones, it's still small enough that you can toss it in a backpack. You can even rotate the ear cups to make the device lie flat. The right ear cup houses a power button and a chat volume slider.

A regular volume slider resides on the left ear cup, along with a micro USB port for charging and a proprietary port that can connect to a 3. Although the Arctis 7 requires power for wireless and surround-sound functionality, you can listen to whatever you want with the audio jack, whether or not the device has power. The headset's elastic band consistently provides much more reliable and comfortable results than trying to extend two extremely fickle notched arms.All Arctis videos were recorded using the Arctis headset.

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SteelSeries Arctis 7 wireless Gaming Headset with Mic

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Hey everyone, today we'll be setting up our Arctis 7 gaming headset. First let's take a look at what comes in the box. The Arctis 7 comes with a micro USB charging cable, a wireless transmitter, and a mobile cable. To set up your Arctis 7 for PC or Mac, you'll need the wireless transmitter. First you'll connect your wireless transmitter into your PC or Mac. If you want to connect your Arctis 7 to your Playstation 4 connect your wireless transmitter into your console. To power your headset on press and hold the power button for at least three seconds, you'll hear a tone, and the power button will illuminate.

If you want to connect your headset to your mobile phone or Xbox, simply use the 4-pole 3. Your Arctis 7 already comes paired to your transmitter, but if you need to pair it again press and hold the transmitter pairing button for five seconds until the LED begins blinking rapidly.

With the headset off, press and hold power button for six seconds. Next, you'll want to be sure Engine is installed and updated. If you need to charge your Arctis 7, simply use the micro USB charging cable by plugging into your headset and your PC.

To mute your mic, simply press the mute button. If the mute button is out it is muted. To change your volume scroll the dial on the left earcup to adjust. If you would like to see more tutorials on the Arctis series such as using ChatMix, please visit support. Activity Activity Annotations Notes Edits. Sort Newest Best. Permalink Edit Editors Share Share this annotation:. Photos Media Bookmark. X Annotate.The sound is great, especially thanks to the SteelSeries Engine 3 that allows you to manipulate quite a few sound settings for different occasions.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Disconnecting (And How To Fix It)

Sadly, I had accidentally dropped it a few too many times and it was time to get a new one. If you can find it, I definitely recommend this one as well, especially since it held up for such a long time. However, when I purchased this Arctic 7, I began having problems with the headset disconnecting every now and then and decided to try to fix it.

My problem was not constant, the disconnection problem would occur maybe once or twice per day. This article will present a few things that could mess with the connection for this headset, and what ultimately solved my problem. I use my MSI Laptop for everyday use. The external laptop fan gives you access to two additional USB ports. I figured this might be the same case for my headset and the wireless station.

Well, I managed to go another day until the headset disconnected once again. Be sure that your receiver is within reach so that there can be a proper connection.

However, if it seems as if this is the problem and you are less than 40 feet away, you should contact the seller as this may be a faulty device. SteelSeries has a software called SteelSeries Engine 3 that allows you to connect your devices to your computer. This gives you more customization options for your devices. For example, I can change the lights and keybindings on my keyboard.

For my headset, I can change stereotype settings, enhance bass and more as well as creating profiles for different situations. Well, when I first connected my headset to my computer, the SteelSeries Engine would not recognize a new device in the software. I tried re-connecting many times by resetting the wireless station but it would not connect.

I ended up re-installing SteelSeries Engine 3 not one but two times and then reconnected once again and it finally worked! Before doing this step, be careful when handling your electrical device. DoneWithWires is not responsible for damage caused by unsafe use, I am simply documenting what worked for me personally.

If you are ever unsure, contact SteelSeries or the seller.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth vs SteelSeries Arctis 7

Be sure to go into your PC settings and configure it to be set as your default playback device. Also, you can try to reconnect it again by first using the cable at the same time.

I personally did not notice that I had accidentally turned the volume wheel on my headset in the process and it was turned to the lowest, hence why I could not hear a sound when I tried it. So make sure you adjust those wheels after messing around as well. Yes, I laughed at myself after trying to fix this for over 10 minutes.

As always, you can reach out to SteelSeries or the seller if you are ever unsure. Faulty devices can be shipped out and if there is a genuine problem not caused by the user, you should be able to receive a replacement if it is within warranty.

Hey thanks for this great article, I also had the issue with the head set turning off randomly, but never had it until I installed the Steel Series Engine 3 software.

I found a setting when I clicked on the headphones in the gear tab called Power Options, it was set for 30 minutes which seemed to coincide with how often the head set was turning off. For some reason I was thinking the headset was inactive but I have not had the issue since changing it to Never. Sorry for the late reply. I also experienced some issues with the SteelSeries Engine 3 myself when I first installed it.

Same issues! Once I ended up with Steel Series — 4 i gave up and cleaned everything, and started from scratch. After a few months, maybe a year I had the same issue again.

Hey there, I have a pair of the Arctic 9x and the audio is only coming out of the right side… Do you know how I can fix this? Have you made sure that the wolume controll on each ear is turned on?Overview Prices Specs.

Comparison winner. SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth. Scroll down for more details. Has passive noise reduction. Which are the most popular comparisons? Design 1. SteelSeries Arctis 7. Devices with stereo speakers deliver sound from independent channels on both left and right sides, creating a richer sound and a better experience. Comfortable full-size form with earcups that fully enclose your ears. This model is loved for its increased sound isolation and the fact that it won't leak sound to your neighbors.

It offers potential for maximum bass and loudness levels. With a detachable cable you can use alternative cables, and if the cable is pulled it will pop out instead of breaking. The device is designed in a way that allows sound to go out through the back of the ear cups, which usually have vents or perforations.

This design provides very natural and accurate sound. Resistance to sweat makes it ideal for use while doing sports. This modularity allows you to integrate the speakers into hoodies or snowboard helmets. Sound quality 1. The device sits tightly in place, creating an acoustic seal which reduces background noise and prevents your music from leaking out.

arctis 7 wireless

The highest frequency at which device produces audio. The higher the high-frequency response, the clearer and crispier the treble. The lowest frequency at which the device produces audio. The lower the low-frequency response, the stronger and juicier the bass.

КРУТЫЕ ИЛИ НЕТ? ✔ Обзор Игровых Наушников Steelseries Arctis 7!

Devices with neodymium magnets are lighter and more powerful than those which use ferrite magnets. They also have more bass and clear high notes. The lower the impedance, the easier it is to get higher volume and requires less power. The driver unit is the component that produces sound in the device. Bigger drivers are more powerful and can produce better bass.

Microphone 1. These microphones are designed to filter out background noise from the desired sound. Especially useful in noisy environments. The highest frequency that the mic can pick up.

Better for recording treble. It's the 'loudness' of the sound that the microphone can pick up.SteelSeries wireless gaming headsets are the best wireless headsets on the market. The Arctis range of wireless headsets offer the ultimate PC gaming experience. So if you want the absolute best wireless gaming headset out there, with a professional microphone and top sound quality, choose a gaming headset from our Arctis range.

Choose the Arctis Pro Wireless for the best all-round gaming experience. Looking for a great gaming experience at an affordable price? Go for the Arctis 7. The Arctis 7 is cheaper than the Arctis Pro, but still offers a top quality gaming experience. The Arctis 3 Bluetooth is the perfect wireless headset for the multi-platform gamer.

Our new Arctis wireless gaming headsets can deliver a lag-free, loseless, 7. The effective transmission range is around 40 feet or 12 metersso you can grab a snack from the kitchen to refuel and keep you on top of your game without having to leave your wireless headset behind.

The Arctis Pro Wireless even comes with a swappable dual-battery system, meaning you can switch between batteries for endless play. Our Arctis range of wireless headsets deliver the best sound quality possible. The Arctis Pro Wireless uses a dual wireless system, which connects to a wireless transmitter base station.

This base station allows the wireless headset to receive lossless sound and ultra-low latency. This technology means our wireless headsets are lag-free and deliver ultra-high, professional quality sound. The transmitter base station uses Bluetooth technology, which allows you to connect multiple devices while gaming, such as your mobile phone. With SteelSeries gaming headsets, you can simply pick up your call and carry on gaming.

arctis 7 wireless

Plus - you can adjust the game and chat volume independently of each other, so you can continue a seamless gaming experience. All SteelSeries wireless gaming headsets deliver the ultimate gaming experience no matter what your gaming platform of choice is.

Even if you game on more than one platform, we have the best multi-platform headset for you. Wireless Gaming Headsets SteelSeries wireless gaming headsets are the best wireless headsets on the market. Add Arctis Pro Wireless to cart Adding Learn More about Arctis Pro Wireless.

Add Arctis 7 to cart Adding Learn More about Arctis 7. Add Arctis 3 Bluetooth to cart Adding Learn More about Arctis 3 Bluetooth. Why should I choose a Wireless Headset? How do Wireless Gaming Headsets Work? Feature supported. Feature not supported. Hi-Res Question mark circled.

S1 Question mark circled. Black White. Buy Now.We purchase our own headphones and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 are great gaming headphones with a unique, sleek design and impressively long battery life. Their microphone is well-suited to capture your voice, even in loud environments, while their comfortable design can be worn for multi-hour gaming sessions.

They can even be used passively if you run out of battery. On the downside, some may find their fit too tight and they can have an inconsistent bass and treble delivery across users.

However, their ski-band headband is adjustable so you can get a better fit. The companion software also offers a graphic EQ for fine-tuning your sound experience. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless are okay for mixed usage. While they're comfortable and their boom microphone is retractable, they aren't suited for commuting or offices as they barely reduce background noise and they don't support Bluetooth.

They're not very portable and may not be the best choice for sports. Although their audio reproduction varies across users, once you get a proper fit, these headphones produce a fairly balanced sound. These are gaming headphones and their low latency, high battery life, and compatibility with most consoles make them a great choice for wired or wireless gaming. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless are good for neutral sound. Their audio reproduction varies greatly between users however, as the inconsistent bass and treble delivery depend on a proper fit, position, and seal.

Luckily, the adjustable headband can get you closer to a neutral sound profile if you take the time to adjust them. Once achieved, these headphones have a slightly overemphasized bass sound but otherwise balanced sound profile.

You can easily tweak it using the companion software's graphic EQ. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless are passable for commuting. They reduce very little background noise and while they're comfortable enough to be worn for hours, they're bulky and not very portable.

They also need to be within the range of their USB transmitter if you want to use them wirelessly. However, you can use them passively with their audio cable.Established as the go-to wireless headset since its release, the Arctis 7 Edition is still a supremely strong contender in an increasingly crowded cable-free market.

We really ought to roll out the red carpet for this one. With this edition of the Arctis 7, featuring a handful of subtle improvements, SteelSeries looks to extend that reign. This is but one of a fleet of Arctis headsets united by a ski-goggle-style headband that keeps the weight of the unit from digging into your delicate cranium. It offers 2.

At the entry level, the Arctis 3 actually has plenty of similarities to this model, and, right up at the top of the range, the Arctis Pro Wireless feels and sounds pretty similar too. The differences are in specs and features, but however much money you spend, you're assured of a market-leading pair of cans. Most headphones use a lightweight metal or plastic headband to keep the unit on your head and press the earcups against your ears.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 review: The complete package

The Arctis takes a different approach, instead suspending its g weight above your head with an elasticated band. The result isn't night and day but, rather, a sustained level of comfort that only makes itself evident as being superior after an hour or two of use.

The only rival headset offering similar luxuriousness after long sessions is the HyperX Cloud Alphawhich takes the traditional headband design, as well as the earcups, and absolutely smothers it in memory foam.

That works too, but the Arctis 7 is considerably more breathable than the Alpha, thanks to that elasticated headband and materials used at the contact points. For the Edition, SteelSeries tweaked the headband and earpads. The headband's slightly more substantial than in older iterations, now matching that found in the pricier Arctis Pro headset.

This didn't make a significant difference in terms of comfort. The earpads are thicker than before, and, again, while the effect is subtle at first, it's a long-term benefit because earpads lose their plumpness through repeated use over time. More than boosting your immediate comfort, that extra padding will keep the Edition feeling gentle and luxurious for longer.

What we absolutely love about the design of the Arctis 7 is how intelligently its controls are laid out. The chat mix thumb wheel at the rear of the left earcup is a revelation, saving you from delving into in-game or Windows volume settings and bringing your buddies' dulcet tones up to the desired level effortlessly. A volume thumb wheel and mic mute button are also placed at the rear for easy access, while the mic is retractable.

arctis 7 wireless

Previous versions of the Arctis 7 sounded exceptional but tended to output on the quiet side.